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Post-Draft Thoughts

Revenge of the Birds

At first I was a bit disappointed with this pick. After weeks of dreaming of Devonta Smith, ending up with another 1st round linebacker was a bit disappointing. However, I have warmed up to the pick. First of all the board fell quite poorly for us, where Collins was not to far off BPA. Jordan Hicks plays like a lumbering Dinosaur at MIKE LB, so having the athletic freak that is Zaven Collins will be a nice upgrade. Plus, it is very hard not to love the kid. His draft call is hilarious and makes me think that he can add to a hard-hitting mentality with players like Budda Baker, JJ Watt, Dennis Gardeck, and Markus Golden. Also when Rondale Moore was drafted, guess who the first player to welcome him to the team was. I think Collins will be a captain before his rookie contract ends.