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Check Out The Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Trailer


Cover picture for the articleObviously, DC is going with the idea that being wild and crazy in the Legends of Tomorrow is what’s going to keep them relevant and from being too over the top or too boring when it comes to the fans. That’s a bold move really since watching this trailer made it obvious that we’re not watching a show about superheroes so much as we’re watching a Looney Tune’s knockoff in some regard since the show isn’t about to take itself seriously, or at least not THAT seriously. Fans of the show will no doubt spring to the defense by saying that it hasn’t really taken itself that seriously in a while, but this coming season looks like something that’s about to wander into the looney bin and teach the inmates a few lessons on what it means to be truly insane. From the idea of aliens capturing Sara Lance to the idea that 2D animation will be used for part of the show, one can easily imagine that this coming season is going to be something that a lot of fans will be cheering on while some of us will looking at the season and wondering if we were slipped some mind-altering substance before sitting down to watch the show. To date, Legends of Tomorrow has been one of the many shows that DC has been using to keep its edge on TV, and many feel that it might be maintaining that dominance in a big way over the MCU since it’s been rolling steadily forward as the MCU has been prepping its few shows to make an appearance over the past year.