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Rumors persisted for years that Bob Denver died in the Sixties, and no one knows why

Cover picture for the articleThe rumors started while he was still on Dobie Gillis and continued until Gilligan’s Island. Sometimes fans would mourn him to his face. In 1960, Bob Denver was barely into the first season of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, in which he played a beatnik named Maynard G. Krebs. Although the show and his character proved popular, that was the same year that newspapers declared beatniks as a culture "dead," and we think this might have led to one of the biggest rumors in Bob Denver's acting career: that Bob Denver died in 1960.

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Richard Stillman

Did anyone ever solve the Paul is dead mystery from the 1960's ? You know the one that centered around Paul Mccarthy not wearing shoes to cross abbey road .The dead are buried without shoes .During that era I knew a guy that liked to take acid and read the Egyptian book of the dead because the Characters would move across the page . Just sharing something there .


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