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A Place in the Sun’s Jasmine Harman exasperated as buyers bluntly reject ‘utter flop’ villa

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The US Sun
The US Sun

A PLACE in the Sun host Jasmin Harman was left exasperated as a couple bluntly rejected her "utter flop" villa choice.

The 45-year-old presenter, who was joined by Angela and Steve, from Leicestershire, said her expectations had "fallen flat" after the couple found flaws in almost every home.
The couple bluntly rejected Jasmine's choice of villa Credit: Channel 4

Jasmine and the couple, who met aged five and had been together since their teens, took off to Lanzarote to try and find the perfect villa.

But with a tight £225,000 budget - the TV host was tested to her limits as Angela and Steve continually found flaws with her choices.

While the first property seemed to impress the pair, there was dissatisfaction with small aspects of every villa, including down to the parking.

The beautiful third property, valued at £215,000, was a three-bedroom semi-detached home for sale in Marina Rubicon near Playa Blanca.
The beautiful home fit the bill on paper, but not in reality Credit: Channel 4
Steve wasn't keen on the parking situation outside the home Credit: Channel 4

It featured a fully fitted kitchen, a utility room, a dining room, three bedrooms with one en-suite and a private pool.

Despite everything going for it, it failed to impress picky Angela and Steve as the villa had to be accessed on foot as there was no road.

Steve, in particular, took issue with the property saying he felt as though they were "hemmed in".

Jasmine tried to convince them, saying: "There are lots of things about this property that I thought would really appeal to you."
Jasmine seemed irritated that the couple weren't keen on the property

Unswayed, she then turned to the camera to lament: "Obviously the overriding sense here is that it's fallen a bit flat, really.

"It's fair to say this semi-detached house with a communal pool has been an utter flop. They felt hemmed in and let's not even mention the parking."

Despite the difficulties, Angela and Steve did make an offer at the first villa, which they felt was the best of the bunch, for £200,000.

The two-bedroom house was traditional in its architecture and fully detached, offering the pair a lot more privacy.

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