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Kieran Hayler tells Katie Price what Jett and Bunny 'shouldn't be doing'

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Daily Mirror
Kieran Hayler tells Katie Price what Jett and Bunny 'shouldn't be doing' on co-parenting calls (Image: Getty)

Kieran Hayler opened up about what it’s like co-parenting with his ex-wife Katie Price, with the two discussing what their children ‘shouldn’t be doing’.

The 33-year-old was married to the former glamour model in 2013 and only recently finalised their divorce this year.

Kieran is currently with Michelle Penticost but spends a lot of time on calls with Katie to co-parent their kids Bunny, six, and Jett, seven.

“Top tips for co-parenting, especially with Kate, are to be amicable, be honest and try to have the same views and rules,” he explained.

“When I speak to Kate on the phone I’m very much like, ‘Jett shouldn’t be doing this, Bunny shouldn’t be doing that.’”
He shares Jett and Bunny with Katie Price (Image: Instagram)
The pair only recently finalised their divorce (Image: WireImage)

He continued to OK! : “We have to come to an agreement, they need to be in bed early, they’ve got school. Kate lives slightly further away now so they have a longer travelling trip to school.

“It’s very good to be friendly with your ex-partner that you have children with.”

The former exotic dancer recently confessed that he didn’t tell Katie that he was going to be a father again.
Kieran is now expecting his first child with Michelle Penticost (Image: Instagram)

He and his fiancée are expecting their first child together and he admitted it slipped his mind to tell Katie.

He told New! magazine : "Yeah. At the end of the day, we're living different lives now. I think she's trying for a baby because I've seen pictures of her boyfriend Carl with a pregnancy test.

"I don't know what's going on in her life, she doesn't know what's going on in my life. All we need to speak about is the kids."

However, he did invite the 42-year-old to the couple’s wedding.

He added: "If she wants to come, she can come! I'm pretty sure she won't want to, but whatever. It is what it is."

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