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This Morning viewers horrified as Josie Gibson milks a horse and claims its milk ‘tastes like sweet coconut’

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The Independent
The Independent

Viewers of ITV morning talk show This Morning were left stunned earlier today as presenter Josie Gibson milked a horse live on air.

Gibson was then filmed drinking the milk, which she remarked tasted “like coconut”.

The segment was filmed at Cromwell Farm in Bath , reportedly the only farm in the UK to produce and sell mare’s milk.

The farm’s owner, referred to as Frank, expounded on the health benefits of mare’s milk to Gibson, claiming to drink a litre every day. He then instructed Gibson on how to milk the animal.

Drinking the product, Gibson described the milk as “gorgeous”, and likened it to “sweet coconut milk”.

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This Morning presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby reacted in visible discomfort to the sight, with viewers at home also voicing their unease on social media.

“Wrong, wrong, wrong, on so many levels,” wrote one viewer.

“I will pass on the Horse Milk thanks,” wrote another.

Others were more open to the idea, with one person writing: “Why is everyone getting all squeamish about this? No different to drinking cows milk.”

Some raised concerns over animal welfare, with one person writing: “Horse milk is for foals, not humans. Humans are the only animal species that drink another species milk... It is not necessary, and it’s cruel.”

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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Comments / 410