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Todd Manning – Everything You Need To Know

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The death of Franco Baldwin has some fans speculating that we might see Todd Manning on GENERAL HOSPITAL again. For those unfamiliar with the character, Roger Howarth played Todd on ONE LIFE TO LIVE from 1992 through 2003 at which point the role was recast with actor Trevor St. John. But in 2011, a storyline twist brought Howarth back to the soap for the final years until OLTL’s cancelation in 2013 at which point the Daytime Emmy winner brought Todd over to GH. Unfortunately, due to a legal battle with Prospect Park over the rights to the OLTL characters, GH was unable to use Todd anymore and chose to write the character off to have Howarth play a recast of Franco, instead. But now that the rights are back in ABC’s hands, Todd could very well show up in Port Charles again one day. So if you need a refresher on the character, we’ve got you covered!

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Linda Weeks

It is a shame writers cannot come up with story lines that don't let good people stay together. Sonny belongs home and Elizabeth was good with Franco. Why not get rid of the bad ones like Peter and others. Dam shame


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