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Andre 3000 drops new capsule clothing collection

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rolling out
rolling out
Big Boi (left) and Andre 3000 of Outkast. (Photo credit: Splash News)

Outkast’s Andre 3000 made a rare appearance on social media on Tuesday, Feb. 23, and announced on Instagram that he just dropped a new clothing capsule collection. The assortment consists of long-sleeve and short-sleeve t-shirts, a hoodie and a 4×6 print of his drawing with an ant reading a book. Prices of Dre’s merchandise range from the $25 poster to the $150 hoodie and you can check out the collection at

3 Stacks shared that he painted the drawing some time back and that he was in danger of losing the trademark rights if he didn’t make use of it.

He explained, “Sooo … I have this trademark thing that I need to solve for. According to the trademark people, in order to retain control of your trademarks, you have to actively use them. The trademark office also have deadlines and lots of rules to defend your IP (intellectual property). So here are a few things that I hope you enjoy and the good people at the trademark office will enjoy.”

The illusive rap star last popped up on Goodie Mob’s latest album Survival Package, which dropped in November. Cee-Lo Greene recently checked in with hip-hop podcast “B High ATL” and shared that Dre’s verse was a last-minute addition to the project.

The “Crazy” hitmaker revealed, “Dre showed up at the last minute. It took patience. We had all spoke to him on separate occasions and he kept saying I want to be a part of it. ‘I’m just looking for the right vibe.’ We played him ‘Me Tyme,’ ‘Amazing Grays’ and eventually he went with ‘No Cigar.'”
(Image source: Instagram – @andre3000)

Cee-Lo further stated that he and Dre were both in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to bring in the New Year and just like everyone else, he wants a new Outkast project too. When asked if he had an inside scoop on a reunion, he added, “I’d never say no because I’m a fan and that’s family and that’s our flagship. You gotta know that I definitely want to see them raising our flag up high. I’m sure there is probably some overtures on a reel somewhere or some unreleased Outkast music that they might can repurpose at some point.”

In related news, the Goodie Mob will be the inaugural musical guest on the new live variety sketch series “The Going Live Show” which premieres on YouTube today on Feb. 25 at 7:30 p.m. The bi-weekly live production is described as “In Living Color” meets “Saturday Night Live.” The Dungeon family quartet also dropped its latest video “4 My Ppl” last week. Check out the new visuals on the following page.

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