It’s Impossible To Forget These Horrific Winter Storms That Have Gone Down In Missouri History

Only In Missouri
Only In Missouri

Winter in Missouri certainly is beautiful, especially with the landscape capped in snow. However, winter can also get downright brutal, bringing some or all of the state to a bitterly cold standstill. These horrific winter storms in Missouri are ones we probably won’t forget any time soon (if at all) and serve as a reminder that, although beautiful, winter can sometimes pack a powerful, dangerous punch.

February ushered in, in 2011, with a massive snowstorm that began innocently enough as a bitterly cold rain. However, as the first day of February wore on, the rain turned to snow and began to pile up all over the state. All of Interstate 70, in Missouri, shut down as did Kansas City International Airport. Joplin experienced the rare winter phenomenon of thundersnow. By the end of the storm the next day, nearly two feet of snow had fallen in Warrensburg, Windsor, and Calhoun. Kansas City tallied almost a foot, marking the most snow it had received since 1912. Record snowfall in Missouri accompanied the storm that most won't soon forget.
The National Weather Service deemed the early March 1989 blizzard one of the worst to hit Missouri in the 20th century. Lebanon got hit the hardest with 16 inches of snow with Marshfield tallying 15 inches. St. Louis racked up 11 inches, causing the airport to shut down. Missourians across the state had to deal with huge snow drifts, closed roads, and digging out, making it an unforgettable winter in Missouri.
The final two days of January 1982 ended with a massive snowstorm that, up until that point, earned it the title of the worst blizzard in Missouri’s history. (It also brought record snowfall in Missouri.) What started out as rain turned into heavy snow, thunder, and lightning. St. Louis got hit the hardest with 18 inches of snow. The storm also claimed 16 lives; several of those deaths were the result of shoveling snow.
The Blizzard of ’79, as it’s still called to this day, struck southern Missouri on February 25 and 26, dumping two feet of snow and causing snowdrifts that measured up to 10 feet high. Winds also reached speeds of up to 50 miles an hour. The portion of Interstate 55 from Sikeston to Perrysville remained shut for five days, and the National Guard was sent in to assist as it took days for the area to dig out from the brutal snowstorm.

Do you remember these winter storms in Missouri? What others would you add to the list? Any recent ones or ones that saw record snowfall in Missouri? Join the conversation in the comments! Then take a peek at the 10 things no one tells you about surviving a Missouri winter .

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