Elderly Asian community members attacked ahead of Lunar New Year festivities

San Jose Sentinel
San Jose Sentinel

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By Janet Garcia

(SAN JOSE, Calif.) As the Lunar New Year holiday approaches police are asking residents to be vigilant of possible crimes against the Asian community.

On Wednesday, a 64-year-old elderly woman was assaulted in San Jose, KTVU reported.

"She was pretty shaken," said the victim's daughter Kathy Duong, per KTVU. "They took her purse. It had her keys, her possessions. It was gone an instant."

According to Duong, her mother had left the bank with more than than $1,000 in cash for Lunar New Year. The victim was being watched when she got in her car, which was across the street at a Vietnamese market on Second Street.

"A car blocked her in, jumped out, opened the door, grabbed her purse and then ran off," said Duong.

Lt. Carlos Acosta said San Jose police are currently investigating all possible leads.

In the past week, multiple incidents of targeting older Asians have been reported around the Bay Area. On Thursday, an Asian man was violently slamed on the ground in Oakland's Chinatown. In San Francisco, an 84-year-old Thai immigrant was attacked and killed.

San Jose is home to the largest Vietnamese population in the U.S.

According to San Jose's 2020 Census, more than 34% of residents are Asian, which makes up 1/3 of the population.

Lunar New Year is a week from Friday and San Jose Crime Prevention Specialist Mimi-Cristien Nguyen advises not to "walk around with red envelopes in hand,"

The red envelopes are filled with money and symbolize good prosperity for the upcoming year.

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