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Ryan Dempster played epic revenge prank on fellow MLB players during golf trip

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One of the activities that has gotten my roommates and I through the pandemic, to this point, is watching mindless reality TV, much to the chagrin of our brain cells. "Jersey Shore" was the first show we stumbled upon and we watched it much too quickly in its entirety, but I can't deny that it's some truly entertaining stuff. On more than one occasion, a prank war between cast members emerged, and a famous incident involved several pieces of indoor furniture being placed outside in neat arrangements.

I should have known I gave the "Jersey Shore" cast members too much credit for plotting this clever prank without it having been done previously. For that, we can thank former MLB pitcher Ryan Dempster, who got revenge on fellow big leaguers Mark Sweeney and Kevin Millar at a charity golf trip after they sabotaged his room.

Dempster was trying his luck at the casino at their St. Croix, Virgin Islands resort for the charity golf outing, so Sweeney and Millar decided to have some fun with his stuff while Dempster was away.

"[Millar] starts lathering your (Dempster's) pillowcase with lotion," Sweeney recalled on his Bleav "Major League Beginnings" podcast. "...I start putting lotion on the telephone and called and said, 'hey, can you get a wake-up call for an hour earlier?'

"Then, Kevin goes, 'Hey, I got another thing. He's got these power bars he loves to eat in the morning, that's the first thing he's gonna eat.' So, in goes shaving cream into the box of power bars, and we keep on going all over this and we don't think anything of it."

Dempster then gave Sweeney a friendly reminder that they also put lotion inside his roll of toilet paper, and then re-rolled it — "I couldn't wipe afterward, so yea, I remember that" — as part of their dastardly plan. But Dempster wouldn't just forget about this prank and let it go without a punishment in return. He had to play it cool, though.

"The minute that happened, when you guys got me, my head went to, okay, how do I get them? But it's gotta be the long game... they're gonna be head on a swivel for a few days so I can't do that right now," Dempster explained.

He had to get creative. No cars were there, so he couldn't do anything in that department. He wasn't about to violate the unwritten rule that you never mess with another person's golf clubs. And then it came to him.

"I started thinking about things, and I'm like, man, this is a beautiful, beautiful room," Dempster said. "It would look way more beautiful outside the room."

It was on the final night of the trip that he found the perfect time to execute his idea, excusing himself from a celebratory dinner to "use the bathroom."

"All of a sudden, we order the main course and Kevin Millar says, "has anyone seen Ryan?' And I said no. He was just sitting there a couple of minutes ago," Sweeney recalled. "And Kevin Millar jumps out of the seat and... starts running, 'oh, I gotta find this out.'

"I walk into my room, and Kevin goes, 'we're in trouble'... to put it in perspective, everything in my room was outside on the patio. And I said, 'what just happened?' I mean everything you can think of — the bed, the headboard, the side table, the flowers on the side table... the couch, the chairs, the coffee table — everything was out on my patio exactly the way it was presented in the room."

It could only have been one person, and as Sweeney walked into Dempster's room adjacent to his own, his suspicions were confirmed. There on the bed lay Dempster, "sweating like he just had a bikram yoga class," with his hands folded behind his head. He looked at the approaching Sweeney and proceeded to ask the perfect question.

"What happened?"

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