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Catherine Wagner

Millennial Dating Apps Rated


Millennial Dating Apps Rated

In this ever-changing world of dating, let’s hone in on what is available out there for the millennials interested in finding what they’re seeking in life and love, or just fun! I think everyone in this world is looking for something else, and so each dating app is catered to a different crowd. I have put these dating apps in order for my own interests. What was I looking for? A life partner who loves to travel, has flexibility, rules their life in the fact that they’ve created a life around building a business and exploring the world while doing it. I wanted someone who matches my lifestyle, so we can have the best life that we want, together.

  1. Bumble:

My all time favorite dating app!

I found my boyfriend by using Bumble. He didn’t have much other than his first name, a few pictures of him smiling with champagne, and his CEO title. Okay, kill me, I’m a sucker for the CEO title, which is something that Bumble started to realize I swiped right on frequently. I love how their algorithms pick up on the terms used to represent someone’s title, and of course, I do care about what someone has to say and what they look like. Since he didn’t say much, I sent over a voice message saying that he intrigued me. It just so happened it was his birthday, and so the next day we celebrated together sipping champagne in a rented cabana at a resort near us in Miami Beach, FL. Turns out we hit it off and love all the same things in life, lifestyle, and interests in finding a life partner for adventures and a future.

Why I like it:

  • Women rule who they reach out to, men cannot make the first move either than swipe right or super swipe on you.
  • The premium version allows you to rematch with expired matches. Normally you only have 24 hours to reach out to the men, and they have 24 hours to reply. With premium, you can go to the “Bee Line” and see everyone who’s swiped or super swiped on you, and then you can also reach out to people even a few days after you’ve matched. You can also swipe back if you realized you liked someone you swiped left on.
  • First page when swiping right or left is their profile pic, their name, their title, and their university.
  • There are fun answered questions they can fill out on their profile which you can read as you scroll their photos, it adds a lot more realness and fullness to their profile.
  • I wanted the full package from the get-go, this app shows a lot of important details on the front page that matter most to me.
  1. Hinge:

A safe way to look through profiles that isn’t just about someone’s looks or their work. This is more personality based. If you see someone you like, you inquire about that person and find out more about what they’re all about. These people overlap frequently with the Bumble profiles, but because men can also reach out first, it can get a bit more soupy with messaging.

Why I like it:

  • Hinge has a great algorithm system that starts to understand your “type” and so you can find suitable matches with ease the more you use it.
  • People tend to write more in their profile, so you have more conversation starters.
  • If you’re looking for quality over quantity, but want a little bit more attention from suitors, this is a good solution!
  1. The League:

This app is allocated to the overachievers, the people who believe a resume is also important when finding a partner. It is considered to be an elite circle of people “accepted” as Leaguers, and are reviewed by the app to see if you belong in the caliber of their members. I’d say this is more of an ego boost rather than a place to find someone. I find that because of their exclusivity, it makes the dating pool a bit more vast around the country rather than by location, as they have chat groups for members to join and e-mingle. As a girl who grew up in the northeast (Boston), and lived in NYC for 5 years, I would say that this app is definitely the app for people to find someone who fits into their world of education and background as being important. This app I found that attractiveness was less important, and more about what someone has accomplished.

Why I like it:

  • Ego Boost when accepted and exciting when you apply
  • It’s a smaller selection, but everyone is quality in the fact that they are accomplished in life and have a story to tell.
  • They hand select a few patrons a day that they suggest are the best matches. So it’s a more tailored approach
  • If you care more about what someone does in life rather than looks, this could be a great place to meet high achievers like you.
  1. Tinder:

A fast way to find who’s interested in you, and probably the best app to use when traveling and trying to meet new people to have fun. This isn’t the app to go to if you’re looking for something long term, but hey, you never know if you can find love in a hopeless place! I’d say that most people on this app want a fast transaction of swipes and conversations, and fastest to convert into meetups. So if you’re bored and want instant gratification, I’d say this is a fast-paced way to interact with someone.

Why I like it:

  • Once you sign up you can instantly start swiping, and the algorithm puts your profile immediately on the “fresh meat” line and so you’ll have matches within seconds. It’s extremely fast pace, instant gratification of matches.
  • Once matched, men can instantly reach out to you or you to them. So your inbox can get inundated immediately.
  • It’s more based on physical, photo attributes, so the swiping is a lot faster in time consumption without having to read long profiles.
  • If you’re bored or lonely, it is an entertaining way to e-meet new people.
  • You’re more likely bound to get invited to group events if you’re interested to meet new people.
  • Great when traveling, because people are more open to short term rather than long term meets.

Written by Catherine Marie Wagner

Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

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