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Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati pizzeria chain pays $900,000 to settle lawsuit from underpaid drivers

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Crooked River Chronicle
Crooked River Chronicle

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By Sam Britt

Cincinnati pizzeria chain LaRosa’s agreed to pay $900,000 to settle a class-action lawsuit brought against it by delivery drivers working for its local restaurant locations, according to Cincinnati Business Courier.

The drivers accused LaRosa's of underpaying them. The $900,000 was used to repay workers and cover their legal fees. Part of the settlement was that LaRosa’s didn’t have to admit to any wrongdoing.

The lawsuit alleged that LaRosa’s drivers were tasked with performing dual jobs. They were required to make boxes, sweep floors, clean dishes, stockpile items and refill ice cream containers while they weren’t out on delivery.

The drivers also had to pay for job-related expenses, like gas, maintenance, insurance, financing charges, cell phone costs and licensing and registration.

The lawsuit also claimed that delivery drivers' reimbursement policy fell below the minimum wage.

"Under-reimbursing delivery drivers is a systemic issue," Biller & Kimble attorney Philip Krzeski said in an email. "We have numerous under-reimbursement cases across the country. We're proud of our results, including the settlement reached in this case. We hope it helps drivers and their families."

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