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Jordan Hinsch

The Best Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin in 2021


Note: The information in this article is from my own research and this is not financial advice.

Bitcoin is a buzzing topic right now and many people are wondering how they can get a piece of the action. For tips on how to get started and where to buy crypto like Bitcoin, read my article here.

There are ways to earn free Bitcoin though. It's a very little bit at a time, but with the rate that it's appreciating in value right now, it could actually turn into alot of money some day.

NOTE: I have personally tested, used, and successfully withdrawn Bitcoin from each of the accounts below to verify legitimacy of each. As always with crypto, ensure you're using the correct, valid wallet address when making a withdrawal.

Here are the best ways to earn free Bitcoin in 2021:

Time Bucks

Time Bucks is an easy way to earn free Bitcoin by completing surveys and tasks. Once you create an account, you can select from a dozen different payment methods. One of which, is Bitcoin. Use my referral link here to sign up and start earning today.

It's a somewhat low budget website, but it's legit and I've successfully withdrawn Bitcoin. You simply "spin" as often as once per hour to take your chance at winning as much as $200 in Bitcoin each day. No hassles. Click here to get set up.


Lolli is an online shopping service, similar to Rakuten (formerly Ebates). With Lolli, you earn rewards each time you shop at one of their 1,000+ approved vendors. All you need to do is sign up here and install the chrome extension which will let you know if you're at one of their vendors, along with the potential cash back (or crypto back) %. Oh and Lolli gives you free Bitcoin every day with their "daily stack". No BS, just go to your app every day.


PEI is similar to Lolli, but they have an additional feature. You can link your credit or debit card and earn crypto back from in-store purchases rather than just online. The app will tell you which stores or restaurants near you are participating and how much you can earn. Stores like 7-Eleven, CVS, and Chipotle are some of options near me, and I love it. It can really add up. Use my referral link to get $20 added to your account when you sign up.


Fold is launching the first debit card with cash back in Bitcoin. This is unique, but will likely be replicated very quickly. There are many other projects in the works with other companies and Visa seems to be owning the entire market. Fold lets you buy gift cards to top retailers and earn crypto back on those purchases, making it a 100% free way to earn Bitcoin in the end. Oh, and you can spin the wheel daily to earn free Bitcoin, no BS. Use my referral link to get 20,000 satoshis when you sign up, or about $5.

Celsius Network

Celsius is a crypto interest account and is leading the way. Their APYs range from 4.5%-10.5%, not bad right? This is paid out in the respective currency that you have in your portfolio. Bitcoin will yield 6% interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum will yield 5% interest per year, paid out in Ethereum. Now, this isn't exactly "free" because you need to already own some Bitcoin in order to earn interest, but it is my favorite platform and if you don't live in the USA, you can earn 2% extra on-top of your base interest in their native CEL token. Free withdrawals and custody insurance are key points. Celsius compounds interest weekly. Use my referral link to earn free Bitcoin when you create a Celsius account and make a deposit.


Nexo is a crypto interest platform which comes in a close second to Celsius. They also have no withdrawal fees and they compound interest daily. Like Celsius, they have a native token called NEXO which pays a 2% bonus for non-USA residents. They're back with custody insurance as well.


BlockFi is another crypto interest platform. They started out hot as the pioneers behind the movement, but there are some disadvantages. Their prime advantage over the competition is that you can choose which currency you'll earn interest in. For example, if your portfolio consists of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD Coin, you can choose to have all currencies payout in Bitcoin. It's an excellent advantage, but the main disadvantage is that they charge fees to withdraw your funds. They're also backed by custody insurance. BlockFi compunds interest monthly. Use my referral link to earn free Bitcoin when you create a BlockFi account and make a deposit.


Coinbase is an exchange where you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It's the most secure exchange in the world and the most common place where people get started in the world of crypto. Now, I need to note that Coinbase does not let you earn free Bitcoin, but it does let you earn a variety of other free crypto tokens such as XLM and DAI, which can then be swapped for Bitcoin. When you sign up, using this link, you can take very short courses and earn crypto by learning about that token. You can also stake tokens such as ALGO and USDC to earn interest. Staking is different from the platforms notes above where those are interest accounts. Staking means you commit a portion of your holdings to remain with Coinbase for a period of time. For this, you're rewarded with interest. ALGO pays 6%!

Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a website, blog, or a presence on social media? Sign up for one of the many crypto-bearing affiliate programs. Coinbase, Cryptohopper, and Trezor are just a few of them. Yes, they pay in Bitcoin to the wallet address you provide.

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