Kamala Harris was photographed wearing Chucks for her Vogue cover. The internet is not pleased

Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
Social media users are lambasting Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ February 2021 Vogue shoot, decrying its lighting, backdrop and wardrobe direction. (Cliff Hawkins / Getty Images)

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ Vogue cover is getting a lot of hate online.

Harris was revealed to be the magazine’s February 2021 cover star Saturday night when two separate images were leaked by the Twitter account Models Daily. In one photo, Harris is pictured wearing a formal powder blue Michael Kors Collection suit. In the other she wears a dark blazer, jeans and Converse Chuck Taylors.

The latter image has come under fire for its lighting, backdrop and wardrobe direction. It was initially believed to be fake until Vogue confirmed both covers in a tweet Sunday morning.

The photos were met with swift backlash on social media, with many people calling the images disrespectful, unflattering and even racist. In addition — decrying “lazy” art direction — many people complained that Harris’ skin tone appeared washed out, saying the full length portrait resembles a test shot.

Commentators have speculated that the photo generating the backlash is the one intended for paying subscribers of its print issue, and headed for newstands. Vogue has not commented, but the leaked image from Models Daily does bear a bar code.

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Jaime Castro

oh my God people that just don't have anything else to do get a life and it's all abt jeoously and distraction and wish they could be in her place grow up already people

Elaine Darwiche

Who gives a Chuck what’s she’s wearing. There’s far more important issues to focus on.

Debbie Graves Diaz

If she’s a so-called “ Vice President” she should start acting like it.


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