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Ann Coulter: Storming of Capitol signals end to ‘Trump TV’ and family ambitions

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The Independent
The Independent

The future political prospects of Donald Trump a nd his family have ended with the outgoing president’s supporters seizing the Capitol , said Ann Coulter, who is a former ally of the Trump family and a media panellist and author.

Speaking to ITV Good Morning Britain about the deadly riots that took place on Wednesday in Washington DC , Ms Coulter said she believes the incident has been “embarrassing enough” for Mr Trump and his family’s future prospects.

"We don't have to worry about Trump TV starting up. We probably don't have to worry about Ivanka running for Senate or the rest of those kids trying to be, like a lot of politicians like the Bush family tried to do,” said Ms Coulter.

“We don't have a monarchy, we don't like that. And I hope that's the end!"

Several reports after President Trump refused to concede, said he may be planning to run for president again. Over time, it has been anticipated that the Trump family will perhaps enter politics, as Ivanka Trump and other children of the president have been closely working with him in the White House. However, no official statement has been made by the Trump team.

But with the unprecedented ruckus created by the pro-Trump mob in the capital, the demands to impeach the president have become stronger.

Several Republicans and conservative thinkers have also opposed Mr Trump, blaming his unfounded allegations of election fraud as trigger for the deadly riots.

However, she downplayed the severity of the riots, that claimed four lives, by saying that there was “not much of a destruction.”

“It was like a fraternity prank, so that's good. I would have been really angry if they harmed Daniel Webster's desk, or something,” Ms Coulter said.

Ms Coulter, who routinely appears on TV news as a conservative thinker, endorsed Mr Trump before his 2016 runoff and wrote two books in his support. She, however, became critical of Mr Trump after he failed to deliver a few of his promises during his term. She began describing herself as “former Trumper”.

In an interview with the New York Times, she described the term “former-Trumper” as people who would “put the fear of god in him [Trump].”

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