UPS worker seen on racist rant video while delivering to a Latino household has been fired

NBC News
NBC News

Cover picture for the articleA UPS driver who went on a racist rant while delivering a package to a Latino household in Milwaukee several days before Christmas Day has been terminated, a company spokesperson told NBC News on Tuesday. Video caught by the home's doorbell camera on the evening of Dec. 17 shows...

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Darren Green

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Black is Queen

So stupid. His dumb ass doesn't realize everybody has a doorbell camera now.

Sean :D

@lola@home, working long hours gives you NO RIGHT to be racist Nor should it be an excuse! I work 90 hrs a week and I still can help anyone from any race with any issue I am able to and carry out my job!!!! Any racists in this country should either educate themselves and get comfortable in this country or leave. We are a nation of immigrants! This country has always welcomed people of all races! These people that think there is a superior race should be jailed and dealt with. Meaning it should be mandatory that they actually be educated on our real history (since no other language should be spoken in this country right??) and our history is a little more important and realize they where actually one of the last races to come here!!! Pretty ignorant to think this country is theirs!! It belongs to us all!!! And Always Will!!


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