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Who is Tennessee nurse Tiffany Dover?

By Israel Salas-Rodriguez,

  • Israel Salas-Rodriguez
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A TENNESSEE nurse stirred up a frenzy among anti-vaxxers after she fainted on live television minutes after receiving Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine.

Nurse Tiffany Dover fueled conspiracy theories but later said she suffers from a condition that sometimes causes her to faint when she feels pain.
Tiffany Dover Credit: Instagram

Who is Tiffany Dover?

Tiffany Dover, 30, is the nurse manager at the CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga,


Dover and her team were among the frontline medical workers to receive Pfizer's first batch of vaccines.

What happened to Dover after she received the Covid-19 vaccine?
Tiffany Dover is the nurse manager at the CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee Credit: HITC
Dover fainted on live television minutes after receiving the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine Credit: HITC

Dover was on live television receiving the vaccine, when about 17 minutes after she was administered the jab she fainted.

In the footage, the 30-year-old is seen telling ABC's New Channel 9: "All my staff are excited to get the vaccine.

"We are in the Covid unit, so my team will be getting the first chances to get the vaccine.

"And I know that it's really..."

She then cuts off and says: "I'm sorry I'm feeling really dizzy."

Shortly afterwards, she slumps to the ground as colleagues move in to catch her.

However, despite her collapse she was able to stand up and speak with news teams again a short time later.

“It’s common for me,” she said about her fainting.

Doctors at the hospital later said the incident was not a reaction to the ingredients of the vaccine.

What are the rumors on social media about her?

The rumors making rounds on social medial is that Dover has "vanished," which sparked hoaxes that the nurse is dead.

Since receiving the jab, Dover has been inactive on all of her social media accounts and has not been seen in the public eye, promoting users to flood her pages with comments and concern as rumors continue to circulate of her "death."

Social media sleuths noticed that Dover had not posted on her Instagram account for five days, when she normally posts every couple of days.
Dover stirred up a frenzy among anti-vaxxer's and their criticism towards the vaccine Credit: Instagram
Despite fainting on live television, Dover said suffers from a condition that sometimes makes her faint when she feels pain Credit: Instagram

"I just heard that Tiffany Dover the nurse who fainted after the Covid shot is dead. Her friend on Facebook said this and family is getting death threats so they shut up. There is also a gag order," one tweeted.

However, despite explaining she suffers from a condition that sometimes makes her faint when she feels pain, that didn't stop anti-vaxxers from condemning the jab.

After the outlandish claims of her death continued on Twitter, CHI Memorial Hospital issued a statement via their Twitter account stating Dover was alive and well.

"UPDATE: Nurse Tiffany Dover appreciates the concern shown for her. She is home and doing well. She asks for privacy for her and her family," the hospital tweeted.

Despite the statement, people remained unconvinced as they questioned the reason for the hospital providing the statement.

One Twitter user said, "I don't believe this. Why doesn't #TiffanyDover, her family or her hospital respond to her death rumors for real?"

Shocking Twitter posts have claimed people "connected" to her or her family are being silenced and received death threats for sharing information.

What did Dover say after she recovered from the faint?

In an interview with Chattanooga TV stations just minutes after she recovered from the faint, Dover said: “I have a history of having an over-active vagal response, and so with that if I have pain from anything, a hangnail or if I stub my toe, I just pass out.”
The hospital where Dover is employed at put out a statement saying the nurse is doing well Credit: HITC


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The hospital also released a statement after administering its first vaccinations, explaining that "Shortly after and while conducting a media interview, one of the nurses became dizzy and was assisted to the floor.

"She never lost consciousness and quickly recovered.”

The Associated Press reported that Dover “was back on her feet shortly after passing out” and told reporters, “It’s common for me. I feel fine now.”

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