Price Drop Alert: You Can Get Apple AirPods for $110 Right Now via Amazon

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Last year Apple finally released a new generation of AirPods, and the 3rd Generation AirPods offer some serious improvements over the last generation. At the same time, the newest generation of AirPods Pro offers premium sound, active noise-cancellation and a longer battery life. Finally, the stellar AirPods Max Headphones provide some of the best sound quality we’ve ever heard, and they’re an excellent pair of noise-cancelling headphones for audiophiles.

Of course, if you’re a fan of Apple products, then you probably know all of this already.

So here’s something you might now know: you should never, ever, under any circumstances, pay full price for AirPods.

Apple itself may not offer great discounts on its products, but big retailers like Walmart, Target and Amazon are always competing to offer the lowest prices on AirPods, which means these products are always discounted somewhere. Below, we’ll share the best AirPods deals of January 2022, and you can find savings on the entire AirPods family.

Where To Find the Lowest Prices on AirPods

SPY editors regularly monitor stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy for price drops, and we want our readers to be the first to know about the latest deals on AirPods and AirPods Pro. If you’re just looking for a cheat sheet, here are the lowest prices on AirPods for January 2022. Spoiler alert: Amazon has undercut every other retailer on price, but we’ll keep updating this page as prices change.

We’ve gathered more details on the best AirPods deals below, and you can keep checking this page for the latest discounts and price drops.

Please note that the prices below can change at any time. This article was last updated on Monday, January 17, at 2:30 p.m. EST.

Best Deals on AirPods (3rd Generation, 2021)

The newest AirPods were released in October 2021 , and Amazon wasted no time in dropping the price relative to other retailers. Even though these wireless earbuds were just released, Amazon dropped prices from $180 to $150 during the holiday shopping season. For January 2022, prices are even lower, and Amazon is selling the new AirPods for just $139.99 , a 22% discount that lets you save $39. Normally, Amazon undercuts other retailers on price, but Walmart is also selling 3rd Gen AirPods at this discounted price, so you have your choice of retailers.

The newest iteration of the AirPods brought the Spatial Audio formerly found only in the AirPods Max and Pro models, and these earbuds actually have a longer battery life than the more expensive AirPods Pro. If you’re not ready to splurge on the Pros or the over-the-ear Max models, the newest of the AirPods, with its wireless charging case, is a solid buy. The only feature it’s lacking? Active noise-cancellation. If that’s important to you, then you’ll want to spring for the AirPods Pro or AirPods Max headphones, both of which are on sale and featured below.


Buy: AirPods (3rd Gen) at Amazon $139.99 (orig. $179.00) 22% OFF

Buy: AirPods (3rd Gen) at Walmart $139.99 (orig. $179.00) 22% OFF

Best Deals on AirPods (2nd Generation)

As retailers try to get rid of their inventory of second-generation AirPods, this is your chance to score huge discounts. We wouldn’t be surprised if these AirPods go out of stock eventually, but for now you can buy 2nd Gen AirPods for just $110 via both Amazon and Walmart . On extremely rare occasions we’ve seen the price drop as low as $99, but we don’t expect the price to go any lower in January.

Please note that these AirPods are not compatible with wireless charging and instead come with a charging case. Even so, these award-winning wireless earbuds offer big sound, great battery life and a comfortable in-ear fit. For anyone with an iPhone, they seamlessly connect with your devices.

Buy: AirPods (2nd Gen) $109.99 (orig. $159.00) 31% OFF

Buy: AirPods (2nd Gen) at Walmart $109.00 (orig. $159.00) 31% OFF

Buy: AirPods (2nd Gen) at Best Buy $129.99 (orig. $159.00) 18% OFF

Deals on Apple AirPods Pro

There’s a lot to love about the new generation of AirPods, but a lot of Apple customers still prefer the AirPods Pro. The 3rd Gen AirPods have a longer battery life, but they lack the active noise cancellation that you’ll get with the AirPods Pro. We’ve been huge fans of the AirPods Pro all along , placing them at the head of the formidable Apple earphone class.

For the best deals on AirPods Pro earbuds, you can head to Amazon , Best Buy or Walmart , as all three retailers have knocked the price down to $189.99

Buy: AirPods Pro at Amazon $189.99 (orig. $249.00) 24% OFF

Buy: AirPods Pro at Walmart $189.99 (orig. $249.99) 24% OFF

Buy: AirPods Pro at Best Buy $189.99 (orig. $249.99) 24% OFF

Best Deals on AirPods Max Headphones

The over-the-ear AirPods Max have incredible sound quality with Active Noise Cancellation, theater-like spatial audio, and all of the effortless connectivity of their smaller in-ear relatives. They retail for $549, but Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy usually have them in stock for $50-$70 off the full price. Right now, you should head to — where else? — Amazon to get the lowest price of $479.

These were also one of our top picks for the best Christmas gifts of 2021 , and they are among the best wireless headphones in the world right now.

Pro tip: If you miss Amazon’s discount on these headphones, you can still find great discounts at Best Buy. Really smart shoppers will take advantage of Best Buy’s Open Box deals, which let you buy like-new versions of the Apple AirPods Max for just $440 (sometimes less!). So if you’re looking for the lowest prices on AirPods Max headphones, head to Best Buy and look under “Buying Options” for the latest Open Box Deals.

Buy: AirPods Max at Amazon $479.00 (orig. $549.00) 13% OFF

Buy: AirPods Max at Walmart $539.00 (orig. $549.00) 2% OFF

Buy: AirPods Max at Best Buy $499.00 (orig. $549.00) 9% OFF

Best Deals on AirPods (2nd Generation) With Wireless Charging

The version of the 2nd Gen AirPods with wireless charging is increasingly hard to find. Right now they’re only available at Best Buy for $199.99, and you can buy 3rd Gen AirPods with wireless charging for a lot less. We were only able to find these earbuds at a reasonable price at Walmart , where you can buy refurbished AirPods for just $129.

Buy: Refurbished AirPods (2nd Gen Wireless) at Walmart $129.00 (orig. $189.99) 32% OFF

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