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I want my mom! Adorable moment baby alpaca runs over and hugs its mother

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Daily Mail
Daily Mail

This is the adorable moment a baby alpaca came running towards its mother and gave her a hug.

The video, taken at The Alpaca Boutique in Medina, Ohio, shows one of the animals walking towards a small girl, who giggles nervously.

Sierra Santiago took the video, which shows a baby alpaca running over to its mother and wrapping its front legs around her neck.

The mother, who has a brown coat, makes its way towards the young girl, bowing its head slightly, causing the child to back away.

From the other side of the farm, a baby alpaca, known as a cria, sprints towards its parent excitedly.

The young animal, who has a light coat, stands on its hind legs and wraps its front around its mother, giving her a hug.

Witnessing the adorable moment, onlookers 'aww' the embrace between the two, as the baby slides back to a standing position.

The video, taken in October and posted on TikTok, has went viral and has been viewed more than 408.2K times.

Sierra said: 'My daughter and my self at the alpaca farm boutique in Medina, Ohio, the beginning of October.

'We were just feeding the animals and the baby came running towards it's mother. The end results were us saying awww at the end.'

Users reacted to the adorable video, which has been liked more than 102.8K times.

One said: 'She's MY mommy, not yours!'

Another added: 'Aww.. I didn't know they hugged! Adorable.'

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Comments / 10