Richmond, Va., Photographer Watches Familiar Anger Resurface In Recent Protests

Cover picture for the articleFor the past month, as anti-racism protesters across America have revived the campaign for the removal of statues, many eyes have focused on Richmond, Va. — the former capital of the...

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Christine Schaeffer

Removing statues , changing the names of streets etc,all remind me of various countries which regularly removed statues and changed names of streets, towns and cities often to go back and change these names again as the leaders changed!In stead or removing the statues add more information to the places or write up the histories of each of these persons. Put this information on line in a way where most can read about these persons and why they chose the things they did! Often it feels that we are still fighting the Civil war from a 100+ year ago!We as a nation need to see both sides and know what these leaders from the South believed or did not believe ! Not enough has been studied in school about what changed our nation and what not the out comes would have been.


Deport the protesters to Haiti. That should make them appreciate their cushy life in America.


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