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The Highest-Paid NFL Players Ever, Ranked


Cover picture for the articleWho's the top-earning NFL player of all time? Here's a hint: It's not Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers. So, who is it?. We've assembled a countdown of the 50 biggest money-makers in NFL history, according to Spotrac data. Football and financial stats are current through the end of the 2020 season.

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Frank Lopez

i was a big fan for Decades...7 years?ago i stopped watching Less & Less....Greed, Players not Playing cause they have a cold, Greedy Owners, all about advertising, 25-30-35 Million Dollar a year Players, ticket prices, 10-12 dollar Beers at Stadiums....75$ parking.....This is stupid....but the fans are ignorant for paying... Super Bowl....ave ticket 10,000 agood seat 100,000 a seat....forget about it


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