Making The Right Choices With Your Invention


In these recent uncertain times, people are stepping out of their comfort zone in order to change the way the live. In addition to this, people are making a conscious decision to alter their career.

The excellent news is that there is an abundance of individuals that have a lot of brilliant ideas under their belt. It all starts with a great idea, and sometimes that is all that is needed in order to become the next Steve Jobs. Of course, Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak, as well as full pockets to help catapult Apple into the multi-billion dollar company it is today.

With that in mind, supposing an individual does have an invention that they feel could be the next big thing. One big pitfall that a lot of people run into is getting the money together in order to get the idea off of the ground. The unfortunate thing though is that investors or even banks will need to be assured that any money that they part with will be secure (or as secure as it could be).

Experts are a must

In order to get this funding, the right help and support is needed to get the invention off of the ground. An important fact that needs to be considered though is that not all of the companies that offer this assistance are what they seem to be. One standout company that makes sure that every would be inventor gets the support that they need is InventHelp. The team at InventHelp are realists. They will never give empty promises that idea X is going to be the best thing since the invention of the computer mouse, nor do they add in additional costs as the invention progresses. The fees that will be expected to be paid are well laid out from the start so that all involved are on an equal footing.

In addition to this, the team are able to get a fully functioning prototype made. By having a prototype, the inventor is then able to show any would be investors, or the bank, that the idea that they have is doable. The prototype will showcase the best features of the invention and is a much better alternative than having blueprints put down in front of anyone that is going to give financial backing.

It is also important to remember that with the InventHelp team, they have experts in a wide range of niches. The benefit of this is that the inventor will not be teamed up with someone who specialises in mechanics, when their invention is related to health care. This is especially important during the current Covid-19 pandemic that we are still facing the brunt of. Without this proper expert intervention, it could mean that the prototype would fail, and even more drastically, the invention as a whole.

Getting legal protection in place

The team of experts are also able to assist with the legal matters that every inventor needs to be aware of. A big consideration when it comes to inventions is that fact that it must be protected by a patent. The team will help the inventor by searching the patent database and making sure that a similar item isn’t already available. If this is the case, it would be a prime time to either abandon the project altogether, or to instead tweak the invention in such a way that it is unique. The InventHelp team are completely honest and transparent about this, whereas other companies can run up a bill and let the inventor think that everything is ok. However, when it comes time to the application being made, it will be rejected. Having said that, the company will still want money, which is a dishonest tactic. Thankfully though, InventHelp do not act like that.

The patent process is a long and drawn out affair. The rhetoric used in the application forms can be a minefield to navigate. When using the services of InventHelp however, the legal team will take care of the entire patent application on the inventors behalf. Having a patent in place is another key selling point when it comes to securing investment. By having a patent in place, it secures the invention as a whole and legally protects the inventor from third parties stealing it and passing it off as their own. Even if it is the case that the inventor is able to provide all the funding themselves for the invention, it is still crucial that they have a patent in place.

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