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'Movement snacks': Celebrity trainer Kira Stokes explains how to turn daily activities into muscle-toning work

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Fox News
Fox News

Your snacking addiction may lead to nicer legs if you follow this advice.

So you’re worried about gaining the dreaded “quarantine 15,” but don’t want to do endless cardio in your living room.

That’s fine. According to celebrity fitness trainer and Persona Nutrition ambassador Kira Stokes, you can still tone your body without hours of dedicated workouts — you just have to get creative.

Stokes, who has trained model Ashley Graham and actress Candace Cameron Bure, among others, said to focus on “movement snacks,” which are bite-size movements that can be implemented throughout the course of your day. The best part of these small muscle-toning movements is that they can be completed little by little over the day, regardless of apartment size or equipment you may or may not have.

“These moments of movement can help boost your energy, improve your mood, increase body awareness and brain function, and perhaps even motivate you to dive deeper into a full workout,” Stokes shared with Fox News.

For starters, Stokes recommends looking at your environment “with a creative eye” to find options to enhance your exercise efforts – such as a high chair to use for triceps dips; using a kitchen counter to use for vertical push-ups; or going up and down the stairs in your home — as you move about your house.

“Trust and believe that every bit counts — just like you must understand when goal setting, small goals lead to big results, the same holds true with movement. Every rep counts,” she said.

Stokes shared with Fox News her favorite “movement snacks” below.

  • Squat as you get on/off the couch
  • Lunge to the refrigerator
  • Perform push-ups at the kitchen counter
  • Perform glute bridges while you watch TV
  • Squeeze your glutes while sitting in Zoom meetings
  • Plank while waiting for water to boil

Creating more consistent movement throughout the day will not only stave off snacking-related weight gain, but it is also a good way to possibly boost your mood while indoors.

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