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Director J.J. Abrams Reviews The surviving members of the resistance face the First Order once again, and the legendary conflict between the Jedi and the Sith reaches its peak bringing the Skywalker saga to its end writed by Colin Trevorrow Country USA actor John Boyega



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Meh. that opening parkour shot with Rey was 😍👏👏👏 Im only watching this movie for Daisy Ridley.

If this movie doesnt tell how in the hell Maz got Lukes/Anakins lightsaber, then Im done. This movie premiered in theaters a couple of days ago, why are they getting ready to release it as a VOD on YouTube. Workers of Disney: We need another animal of some sort in the movie like a... JJ: S L A M S F I S T O N T A B L E HORSE. GO SEE THE MOVIE, it was a fitting end to the Skywalker saga, closing the door on the family and leaving the universe to go off new directions rather than being constrained in timelines.
Ok so this was movie was never going to please everyone. those of us who have been with the Star Wars universe 40 years and loved the original trilogy hang on to those as the holy grail of what a Star Wars movie should be (ESB top of the list) and people are quick to say this movie wasn't that.
However I think differently, I've enjoyed the last 2 episodes, yes TLJ had issues (it nicked battlestar galactica premise, rag tag fugitive fleet) but they were Star Wars for the 21st century and this movie closes out that.
With massive nods to everything that's come before it had me laughing, crying (Chewie on his knees) and whooping at some of the cameos (not going to spoil them but I counted at least 6 that were so clever and important Yet subtle to not confuse non die hard fans even if they amounted to a fleeting 2-3seconds of screen time. I'd have liked 5 more minutes of flashbacks around Reys lineages but I know that book will hit the shelves mid next year and the movie had enough to satisfy the story.
Ignore those who are so bitter they are writing negative review full of spoilers and well we knew that was the case comments. every possible scenario about Rey has been discussed in the last 4 years so of course some of them had to be right. Enjoy it and watch out for. and. and.

What's going on? You having a heart attack? He's whole left side is shutting down! BREATH BREATH. Who else thought that finn was going to be the new jedi. I hope shes evil and Kylo flips to the good side. But it wont be, cause disney. Seems odd no George Lucas. I mean why whould you bullie him? he is just enjoying the trailer like wtf?XD.

Watch Star Wars: Black Diamond Online Free Star Wars: Black Diamond Stream [HD] Putlocker. 10:29 Colbert to JJ : can you give us any hint who the greatest evil is? JJ : Kathy. Where is Adam? 😢. Imagine this in a avengers Portals scene style. 1:05 The resistance and the first order have been taken down by the emperors army of phantom troopers (an army that he created from dead bodies in his time since ROTJ. outside on one of the star destroyers is finn, on the floor clutching his side in pain. he stands is and grips his blaster, glaring in hatred at the emperors personal star destroyer. He turns his head, hearing a rumbling in the distance 1:17 A huge mass of People on the backs of Horse-like creatures rise from the distance charging towards the emperors ship. Waves of old rebels, resistance fighters and various other allies come into view, all yelling their war cries. 1:35 All the classic starfighters we've come to love start flying into view, including A-wing bombers and classic X-wings, inevitabely followed by the millenium falcon. the camera shows the cockpit, with lando and chewie piloting. Lando gives the same cheer that Han gave in a new hope. More familiar characters appear within the crowds. A man in a battered green and red mandalorian armour emerges from the crowd with his jetpack, followed by an old looking man wearing bandages around his head, and a lizard-humanoid creature in a yellow suit. 1:51 A group of TIE fighters and X-wings fly into frame, not shooting at each other, but working together, firing at the emperors ships. A figure dressed entirely in black, Kylo Ren, leaps out of one of the starfighters flying past and land on the star destroyer among the great mass of fighters. He ignites his lightsaber and charges ahead of the crowd. the camera pans over the rush of people to show rebels and stormtroopers all working as one to take down a common enemy. 2:00 Rey Jumps off the top of an X-wing flying past and joins Kylo at the front of the ship 2:06 The camera zooms out to show an entire star destroyer now covered in a new rebellion and dogfights between them and the phantom troopers classic tie fighters. 2:12 an army of Phantom troopers start climbing out of the star destroyers and charging towards the new rebellion. an epic fight ensues between the enormous phantom army and the rebellion. (imagine this whole bit looping now for a while) off screen some fighting happens and Rey and Kylo both make their way to the emperor. There's a big fight and the emperor tries to distract them by making them see things that happened because of them, for example the death of Han Solo. eventually The emperor stabs kylo through his torso. the rebellion arrives and batters the emperor and kill him la dee da all this big fighting. 2:46 The force ghost of Leia appears before Kylo and Rey so she can say one last goodbye to her son.I'm sorry, for everything. He says, then finally, he lets out his final breath.

1:54 “Lets bring the whole gang back.”.

Episode 9 Return of the Colt 45 Space Pimp

Plot Twist: when Tony Stark snapped his fingers, even palpatine returned.
Whoooo the fun 2019 end with a bang.
I don't care what the critics have to say. By critics I mean "not true fans of Star Wars. Us fans that grew up and understand Star Wars can see the picture. Everything about this movie and how it ends was outstanding. Most of the rumors about returning actors were true and I'm not gonna say who. The Skywalker saga was an amazing experience. I'm in loss of words and emotion. I would go see a million times cuz it's that good. To all those that are big fans of Star Wars can appreciate this review and not disagree with me.
Mine freezes at 19:21 every time I try to play it back from there, I have to go to 19:23 to continue playback.

JJ was trying not to spoil anything the entire time.

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