Getting The Right Help And Support For Your Invention


For any invention to be successful, there are quite a few important factors that must be considered. These should not be overlooked, and although they can seem long winded and daunting, you shouldn’t be put off of taking your invention idea from paper to a final product. In order to make sure you get off the ground smoothly, InventHelp are a company that will be able to assist you with every step of the process.

Making sure that the idea works

A crucial part of any invention is getting a prototype created. Whilst the idea may work on paper, it’s a completely different ball game when it comes to having an invention that works. It may not actually be feasible to have the invention work the way that you have envisioned it. This is why a prototype is so useful. Even when it comes to the initial model, InventHelp are able to create a 3D model of what the final product could look like. It is still really difficult to get a high quality 3D model made since these printers are extremely expensive. When you’re working with InventHelp though, this is all part of the service. They will be able to design it based on the drawings that you have and be able to create an excellent 3D model.

The prototype stage will also focus on the reliability aspect of your invention. During this time frame, many changes may be made to the invention blueprints. These will always be done with your consent, and the team will always make sure that your original vision is adhered to as much as possible. Where applicable, the mechanical stage of the invention will be fully fleshed out. This is to ensure that before it enters mainstream production that the item has been fully been stressed test. This will result in a much lower level of fail rates which could otherwise tarnish the reputation of the invention.

Protect your invention from theft

In order to prevent competitors from using an invention you have created, it’s imperative that a patent in place. A patent is a fully fleshed out document that states that you are the owner of this. It often contains technical drawings and a full specification of the device. This is done so that there can be no ambiguity should a company (or an individual) come along and try and use your invention under their name.

Unfortunately, getting a patent in place is an extremely long and often frustrating process. For this reason, a lot of inventors are immediately put off and as such, they do not take the process any further. This is totally understandable; the last thing anyone wants is additional stress. Thankfully though, one of the areas that InventHelp can assist you with. They will take on the patent application process for you. By doing so, you won’t need to worry about whether the wrong information may be put on the form which could result in delays in it being approved. The patent team at InventHelp are seasoned professionals when it comes to these applications and they’ll take away the burden of having to worry about this.

If an individual or company then decides that they want to use your invention without your consent, you would be entitled to damages since they are infringing on your patent rights. A patent and a prototype also makes your makes your invention more appealing to investors as well as companies that may wish to work with you by combining your invention with theirs to come up with a brilliant combination.

Support every step of the way

These are just some of the areas that InventHelp are able to assist you with. The team knows that it can be stressful making the invention come to life. They are there to help you throughout the process and are always happy to chat to you about it and answer and queries you may have. They have your best interests at heart, and want you to succeed in making your dream become a reality.

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