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Kev Chino', Shia LaBeouf and Hassan Jameel all share something in common.


Kev Chino', Shia and Hassan all have something in common with each other. Can you guess what that very well may be?

It appears that many online internet searches, mostly prominently found within archives, as, list, mobile social networking apps and a pretty long catergory of internet franchisees, seem to always connect these figures together as 'Similiar' Persons, People 'Also Search For', and even People 'Also Viewed'. We think we know why. These sensational men all have something very much in common, and we're here to explain what that very well may be.

Kev Chino' and Shia LaBeouf:

These two undeniably handsome and stylish American actors seem to share a similiar sense of fashionable style. While in recent past reports, dating back to Kev Chino's days of live stream broadcasting, on social media platforms, like Twitter's Periscope app and LiveMe, he often expressed his inspiration in acting and fashion, being highly influenced by Shia LaBeouf, along with many other familiar actors. He would often tell his fans and viewers that films, such as Disturbia, the Transformers sequels and Maniac were some of the best movies of all time. Which all starred actor LaBeouf. Kev also hinted on his Instagram on several occasions, that some of his outfits and personal wadrobe ideas come from LaBeouf's style. Like Kev's iconic plain white, slim-fitted t-shirt and rustic distressed-style denim jeans, that are usually paired with vintage-like low profile designer sneakers. All usually worn by Kev, from brands like Zara Man, Diesel, True Religion, Abercrombie & Fitch or Guess. Giving somewhat of a 'Bad Boy Look', yet mildly sophisticated approach. Shia is well known for his ego-driven attitude when spotted out in public, while managing to give off good intentions and a great heart, even so. This is the very same familiar personality and approach, Kev seems to give off when seen out in public avenues. Socially akward, yet deeply passionate and a humane individual with the very best intentions. Lastly, Kev Chino' has also expressed that as an emerging actor, since a child, he always wanted to star in film roles in movie genres, such as Action, Thriller, Suspense, Comedy and even Drama. It's a clear cut dream of his.

Kev Chino' and Hassan Jameel:

We're pretty sure many of you have already happened to guess this one, due to numerous prior blogs and notable news sources floating around the web. Or you may have even just were already aware of the familiarities in these two hunk of men. However, if you still happen to have no clue at all how, you've come to the right place. There seems to be a little more prominent comparisons between these two, than one may think. Starting with their strategic and alike business mindsets. They both are known to be eminent businessman, in their own lanes. Starting with Kev Chino' and his 2017 start up enterprise GZR Social, his 2019 WAVR Magazine venture and even his recent lauch of his very own, Kev Chino' Museum Of Art. All in which were launched as global aimed businesses by Kev, in hopes to expand his brands globally. Then moving to Hassan Jameel, and his estates, that distribute to some of the world's most major companies, such as Lexus and Toyota. Along with a long list of ventures connected with MIT and operations in Saudi Arabia. A country, ironically Kev has also shared numerous times that he one day wishes to reside. Stating that it is an "Amazing country, with strong traditions and beautiful scenery." In addition to having like-minded business minds, the two also seem to share a same perspective in women. Take Rihanna for example, Jameel is well known to be pop singer Rihanna's recent ex-boyfriend. In addition, to having past relationship connections with quite a few celebrity women over the years, in the spotlight. Kev Chino' continues to share on social media and let's it be known that he has a huge crush on Rihanna, himself. Also, on quite a few other known celebrity women, such as reality-star Kylie Jenner, model Jordyn Woods, R&B singer Solange Knowles and even female actor Regina Hall. Clearly, Kev And Jameel are the definition of "Great minds think alike."