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Sharon Osbourne Defends Herself After Viewers Say She Was ‘Rude’ to Marie Osmond on ‘The Talk’

Cover picture for the articleTV personality Sharon Osbourne is standing her ground! After she and Marie Osmond got into a little disagreement during the Thursday, April 2, episode of The Talk, she took to Instagram to say she’s not going to apologize for people thinking she was “rude.”

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Kim Bowers

Sharon shouldn't have to apologize she has the right to say what's on her mind who the hell is anybody to judge her are you God like she said we're all grown-ups here some people just need to grow a set balls she keeps it real some of you just can't handle it I think she's an amazing lady we should have more women like her out there not being afraid to speak their mind 🥰🥰 this is America after all


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