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Jeff Daniels, Wendy Williams and Dozens of Other Celebs Who've Contracted COVID-19

 23 days ago
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The world has been weathering a global pandemic since early 2020, and during that time, scores of high-profile celebrities have counted themselves among the millions and millions of people who have tested positive for COVID-19. The virus doesn’t play favorites, affecting royals, athletes and Hollywood stars alike; it also has been affecting the fully vaccinated as “breakthrough” coronavirus cases, despite still being extremely rare, pop up more and more.

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wes jenkins

u guys and your lies 🤣🤣🤣. Reba didn't even have it, after her heart felt speach about her and her boyfriend. Then nope turns out it was just a regular virus... they do still exist. Stand for something or fall for anything 😉

Bryan Robinson

They got played ! COVID was the least of their worries !Now they have to wonder what that needle juice has in store for them ,!

what were you thinkn
30d ago

I contracted the covide virus in 10/2019 , then contracted the dealt in 8/2021 resorted to zinc and vitamin D and C. never once went to a hospital and still here at a 100 percent... now Ihave natural immunity, this has been proven to be 27 times more effective then the vaccine. are you going to put me on the news?


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