Step Inside The Creepy, Abandoned Town Of Times Beach In Missouri

Only In Missouri
Only In Missouri

Abandoned towns always have a spooky feel to them. If you’re unsure of its history, you may jump to conclusions yourself, or ask plenty of questions. What happened here? Why did the people leave? Times Beach at one point was a booming beach resort, and then, in the span of two years, it became completely vacant of any residents. So, what happened here? Well, you’re about to find out. There’s a reason why people call this place the creepiest abandoned town in Missouri:

Named after the St. Louis Star-Times, lots were sold for $67.50 and included a 6-month subscription to the newspaper. For a short time, it became the premier vacation destination for wealthy people traveling from St. Louis. However, when the Depression hit, gas was rationed and people stopped making the 17-mile trip to the beach.
No longer a booming resort, the town became home for the lower-middle class. Residents couldn't afford to pave the roads, so their dirt roads plagued the city with dust. It turns out that one of the contractors that Bliss received his waste oil from was Northeastern Pharmaceutical and Chemical Company. During the Vietnam War, the facility produced Agent Orange.
The government became aware of this serious environmental issue and bought out the town in 1983. This would be the first time our nation would witness government intervention like that. By 1985, the entire town's population of 2,000 people had been evacuated. From 1996 to 1997 the government removed 265,000 tons of contaminated soil and debris from Times Beach and 28 other sites in eastern Missouri at a cost of $110 million dollars. With the assurance of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Missouri took back the land and created the Route 66 State Park.

What do you think? Is the land really clean now? Share your thoughts about Times Beach, the creepiest abandoned town in Missouri, in the comments. We love to hear from you! If you’re looking for more creepy adventures, you might want to visit these five ghost towns in Missouri .

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