Wuhu Noodle Lights Up Las Vegas with Flavor, Flair and Freshness

Rachel Pintarelli

(Las Vegas, NV) After making the move from New England to the neon bright lights of Las Vegas, we found ourselves looking to get acquainted with one of our favorite cuisines to dine on...Chinese. However, being new to the area, it quickly became a challenge to locate something that would not only meet our taste-bud expectations but also not break the bank. Happily, a friend mentioned Wuhu Noodle. It’s an easy to access establishment located inside a locals' casino called the Silverton Casino on Blue Diamond Rd.

In my short time here as a new resident, I've already learned to be apprehensive about small dine-in restaurants positioned right off casino floors simply because of the smoke factor. Luckily, the Silverton doesn’t seem to have an issue keeping up with their slot-playing smokers. When we walked through and made our way to Wuhu Noodle, there was very little smoke or smoke smell. (Five stars to Silverton for air quality!)

Wuhu Noodle is a little, tucked away spot that looks unimpressive at first arrival. It’s an open area with moderate décor and nice lighting accents, but overall a pretty simple atmosphere. There are two large screens by the register where you can view the menu and order at the counter. We had our first (and only) hiccup when we noticed that both screens were only displaying the first page of the menu, and not the second. Luckily, there were some printed menus available. The gentleman behind the counter was super friendly and helpful, and after some deliberating, my husband ordered a stir fry noodle dish and I went with my old reliable, beef and broccoli. I can tell you now, Wuhu Noodle did not disappoint! My beef was tender, the broccoli steamed to perfection and the sauce had just a hint of spice without being too overbearing. My taste buds had found their happy place.

The overall menu selection is pretty vast with endless offerings with starters like Chicken Lettuce Cups or Stuffed Eggplant, to entrees that include noodle bowls or soups, wok classics and stir-fried specialties. And if you are vegetarian or vegan, there are plenty of tofu and pure veggie dish options to choose from as well.

Without a doubt Wuhu Noodle will become a fast favorite for us when we are in the mood for some genuine Chinese cooking with flavor, flair and freshness!

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