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Woman Captures Pigeon Nesting in Neighbor’s Apartment — “We’re About to Have Some Baby Pigeons on Our Hands”

By Haylee Thorson,


It seems New York City apartments aren’t just for people and pets.

While most New Yorkers have undoubtedly encountered their fair share of unwanted house guests, from mice to cockroaches to rats (oh my!), TikTok creator @yokarleeferris (Karlee Ferris) proved that other species also set up camp when they see a unit they’re interested in.

In her viral video, the creator documented a pigeon living inside her neighbor’s apartment across the street on the Upper West Side. However, that’s not all she captured in the clip. Here’s what happened.

A pigeon created a nest inside an apartment in New York City.

In Karlee’s video , she felt compelled to tell her neighbor across the street in upper Manhattan that a pigeon was living inside her home. “PSA: If you live on the Upper West Side in NYC and you haven’t been home for awhile … you have a house guest,” the creator wrote in her caption.

Karlee proceeded to film a pigeon sitting by the window sill of the person’s apartment, noting that the window had been left open for quite some time.


PSA: If you live on the Upper West Side in NYC and you haven’t been home for awhile… you have a house guest. #pidgeontakeover

♬ original sound - yokarleeferris

“You left the window open a little bit; you thought, ‘Hey, you know, I’ll have, like, a little bit of breeze,’” the creator joked. “No, you have a pigeon.”

Not only that, but Karlee pointed out that the unexpected house guest was, in fact, expecting.

“You have a pigeon that’s about to be a mother,” she exclaimed. The creator then zoomed in on the window — and sure enough, it contained a nest filled with several eggs. “We’re about to have some baby pigeons on our hands,” Karlee deadpanned.

The pigeon nesting in the New York City apartment sparked countless rent jokes in the comment section.

Naturally, TikTok creators couldn’t contain their amusement after watching Karlee’s viral video about the pigeon laying eggs inside her neighbor’s apartment.

One of the most common jokes in the comment section dealt with the distinctive nature of New York City real estate, with people joking about the ever-growing rent prices.

“They’re gonna raise the rent when they find out a whole family’s moved in,” someone commented. Another creator added, “She was really like, ‘This is rent-controlled; I’m taking it.’”

The creator promised to provide updates as the pigeon-apartment saga unfolds.

At the end of her video, Karlee told viewers to stay tuned for updates about the pigeon nesting in her neighbor’s apartment — and the comment section couldn’t have been happier.

With the promise of baby pigeons on the horizon, other creators shared their enthusiasm to stick around for the ride. Karlee’s video proved so intriguing that even reality stars and verified influencers couldn't help but comment.

The Bachelorette Season 17 lead Katie Thurston and Real Pod host Victoria Garrick Browne commented about their desire for the algorithm to bring them back as soon as the creator posted more updates.

While a pigeon laying eggs in a New York City apartment is fascinating in and of itself, one creator pointed out that Karlee’s delivery was the best part of the video. “Great story, great narrator, great camera work,” they said. “This is going to blow up.”

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