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13 Pictures That Capture How Smoky, Hazy, And Dangerous To Breathe It Is Right Now In NYC/The Northeast

By Jon-Michael Poff,


1. Smoke from hundreds of active wildfires in Canada has drifted south, blanketing more than a dozen states, including New York, where the sun rose this morning in a hazy sky behind the Empire State Building.

2. For a period Tuesday evening, New York City had the poorest air quality of all the world's major cities.
Gary Hershorn / Getty Images

3. The cause: drifting smoke from some 400 wildfires burning in Canada, over 200 of which are still out of control, according to the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center.
Spencer Platt / Getty Images

4. The Statue of Liberty was covered in haze.
Amr Alfiky / Reuters

5. The skies above Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night were hazy as well.
Sarah Stier / Getty Images

6. Officials urged people to stay indoors to limit their exposure to wildfire smoke, which carries PM2.5 . These tiny particles can evade the body's defenses, enter the bloodstream, and increase one's risk of developing lung cancer and more. Times Square, meanwhile, was packed Tuesday evening.
Reuters Staff / Reuters

7. This is what I saw on my walk home.
Jon-Michael Poff / BuzzFeed

8. And here's what a friend who lives in the Financial District usually sees out of his apartment window — versus what he saw today.
Courtesy Ben Mishkin

9. Central Park was enveloped in a dense haze.
Spencer Platt / Getty Images

10. Tourists, however, still sought out skyline views from atop Manhattan towers...
Spencer Platt / Getty Images

11. ...and from outer-borough waterfronts.
Ed Jones / AFP via Getty Images

12. According to the National Weather Service, more thick smoke could descend on the region Wednesday.
Spencer Platt / Getty Images

13. New Yorkers, meanwhile, are taking it all in stride with jokes because — let's be honest — it really does feel like we're living in an apocalyptic movie right now.

Anyone need anything from the bodega

— Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) June 6, 2023
Pictorial Press Ltd. / Alamy Stock Photo / Via Twitter: @ditzkoff

Not a real photo!!!

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