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Cops’ test nix fury and more: Letters to the Editor — March 26, 2023

By Post readers,


The issue: NYPD lowering its training standards
It is of no surprise that women cops are “insulted” and “offended” by lowering the NYPD academy standards ( “Women pan NYPD gender equity effort,” March 19).

As a feminist, I find it condescending and degrading to reduce the exam standards in order to boost gender equity, not to mention unfair to those who passed the current exam.

If we want more female cops, then the NYPD should provide training guidance on its website and women (and men) should use that training plan to pass the existing exam, including the timed 1.5 mile run.

Boosting representation by lowering standards fosters inequality, not equality. It also reduces the value of hard work and merit for those who passed the current exam.

Eileen Corr,

Brewster, Mass.

The issue: The 20th anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom
I am immensely grateful for Sen. Joe Lieberman’s thoughtful and honest examination of the 20th anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom ( “Iraq Lessons,” March 17).

Those who incessantly opposed and vilified the liberation of Iraq and its people by the United States and the Coalition of the Willing two decades ago have been rather silent during the approach of this anniversary. Perhaps this is because they have been consistently proven wrong and that the quality of life, standard of living, and freedom experienced in Iraq today are substantially higher than in 2003 with Saddam Hussein ruling with an iron fist.

History will continue to show that the United States, leaders like President George W. Bush and Sen. Lieberman and bipartisan majorities in both Congress and the American public were right from the beginning.

Nathan R. Shrader,

Manchester, NH

The issue: Crime in New York City
New York City is unfortunately reverting back to its pre-Mayor Rudy Giuliani era as an unsafe cesspool of crime and decay ( “Stoking the Crime Fires,” Editorial, March 22).

While struggling store owners lock up their inventories to protect against unchecked, illicit and repeat criminals that run rampant in our great city because of the not-well-thought-out bail-reform legislation, Gov. Hochul and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg put the criminals ahead of law-abiding store owners and citizens.

We lost our opportunity to throw these bums out of office in the last election where we could have brought in a governor, Lee Zeldin, who stands with people of this great city, not the criminals.

Fed up is putting it lightly. Next election, let’s make sure we get it right before it’s too late.

Steve Louro,


The issue: Congestion pricing in Manhattan
Can someone explain to me why motorists who live in this city, work in this city or wish to socialize in this city have to pay through the teeth to do so ( “Congestion toll risks biting Apple: NJ gov,” March 20)?

We have the highest bridge and tunnel tolls in the country and overpriced parking meters. Now our leaders are now looking to implement congestion pricing and street parking permits, all to subsidize MTA trains and buses.

First of all, if everyone riding the buses and trains paid his fare, that would go a very long way toward paying the bloated salaries of the over-staffed patronage positions that if eliminated would get motorists off the hook.

It really is very simple: Cut MTA non-essential jobs by 60%. Yes, de-employ the MTA. No congestion pricing, no street parking permits. If possible, make it a ballot referendum in November. Let the citizens decide for a change.

Joe Kowalczyk,

The Bronx

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