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Why fans shouldn't expect the Saints to fire Dennis Allen during the season

By Adam Holt,


Well, we have arrived here once again. A year after a disappointing season from the New Orleans Saints, head coach Dennis Allen is back in the limelight for all of the wrong reasons.

New Orleans is fresh off of an embarrassing performance in a Week 4 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The score was 26-9, but the Saints never felt 'in' the game in the second half.

The offense never got off the ground. The defense consistently missed tackles. The play-calling was a certified snooze-fest, too.

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All in all, it was yet another letdown for a fan base that is growing tired of hearing the same things after rough performances.

Allen has often said that the team will 'look at everything' or something to that extent. This time, changes must come in New Orleans.

The Saints have to take a long look in the mirror and realize that Pete Carmichael Jr. cannot be the offensive play-caller. The change may just be one within the organization - like QB coach Ronald Curry - but they cannot stand pat.

Additionally, some fans think that Allen is on the hot seat at this moment. That probably isn't the case, though, based on their past coaching decisions.

Could it come at the end of the season if the Saints continue to disappoint? Potentially . That's not right now, though.

Why is that, though? Do the Saints normally have a long leash when it comes to i-season coaching changes? In short, yes, they do.

1980 was the last time that the Saints fired an HC during the season.

Accordingly, Allen is probably safe for the remainder of this year - unless the train really exits the tracks from an attitude and performance standpoint.

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