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Former Daredevil Star Deborah Ann Woll Speaks Out on Surprising God of War: Ragnarok Role (Exclusive)

By Russ Burlingame,


Deborah Ann Woll might not be heading back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime soon, but that hasn't stopped her from having a little bit of mythological crossover. The True Blood star appeared as Laufey in the acclaimed video game God of War: Ragnarok , and during an appearance at the Imperial Commisary Collectors Convention (ICCC) in Nashville last weekend , Woll said she would love to step back into the role...but she has no official news on that front right now. While Amazon is developing a TV adaptation, Woll said, don't be too worried that she has not yet been invited to try out for her old role. After all, these things move pretty slowly -- and probably moreso now that producers don't have writers to help develop characters and provide audition sides.

Woll joined her Daredevil co-stars Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio at ICCC, giving fans a chance to meet with three key players from the beloved Netflix series ahead of its kinda-sorta revival on Disney+. That's where we stopped her to ask about God of War .

"No one has called me, but you also know things like this work at a snail's pace, so I'm not despairing yet," Woll told's Chris Killian. "You don't despair yet! I had such a good time making it, and if they ever call me to do anything, I will do it becuase it was such a great experience."

Woll said that Laufey is a great foil for Kratos in part because she is not intimidated by him, but instead can reel him in and help him see past his own obstacles.

"Because she's tough enough to not let him get away with that self-pity anger thing that he does," Woll explained. "She's got enough of a sense of humor and enough insight to be like, 'Hey, stop. What's actually going on right now?...Sometimes, epople like Kratos need somebody like that in their life who can get them to snap out of it and get them to see reality."

ICCC identifies themselves as a fan-founded and fan-driven convention that focuses on affordability and experience over corporate partnerships. Here's how they describe themselves on their About Us page:

"The ICCC is a sci fi fan and collecting convention for everyone that collects vintage and modern toys and collectibles, loves meeting stars from our generation's greatest film and TV franchises, and enjoys gathering together with a global community to celebrate the stories we all love and cherish. ICCC features hundreds of vendors from across the nation and around the world; dozens of guest stars signing autographs and taking photos with you from franchises like Star Wars , Harry Potter, Power Rangers, Jurassic Park , Indiana Jones, and more; movie props, cosplayers, droid builders, comic books, video game tournaments, fan groups, podcasters, artists, live music and much, much more."

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