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How the Nashville school shooting unfolded

By Harriet Alexander and Jennifer Smith, Chief Reporter and Vanessa Serna In Nashville, Tennessee, For Dailymail.Com,


09:53am - Hale's gray Honda Fit is seen arriving at The Covenant School in Nashville.

09:54am - Hale is seen driving through the parking lot, seemingly calm. Nothing suggests anything is out of the ordinary as she finds a spot to park.

10:10am - The glass front door, which was locked, is shattered as Hale opens fire. She then steps through the debris into the empty reception of the church, which is adjacent to the school.

10:13am - Brandishing her assault rifle, Hale is seen entering a carpeted room, inside the church looking for any victims. The room is empty. The first call to 911 about shots being fired in the building came in at this time.

10:18am - Hale is seen on the same camera inside the church still looking for victims. She opens a door into the next room.

10:19am - The 28-year-old returns through the door, and aims her gun, although there is no one there. She tries another door, then returns 30 seconds later.

10:20am - Hale is now walking through a wooden-floored building labelled 'first' in the footage, past an empty reception. She stalks the corridor, then disappears from view.

10:27am - Hale is shot dead on the second floor of the school, having engaged officers who fired back, killing her.

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