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This upcoming MKE show is causing Ticketmaster issues

By JR Radcliffe, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,


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A sunny day in the 70s? Yep, we've got another one of those, with a high of 78 and light wind today. But we're finally getting some rain this weekend. Showers and maybe thunderstorms are in the forecast Saturday and Sunday. Rejoice, your crispy brown lawns will soon be green again! Sorry about your weekend outdoor plans, though.

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You know you're a big deal when you cause Ticketmaster problems

I confess I had not heard of Matt Rife before today, but apparently he's a big enough deal to cause issues with Ticketmaster.

The 27-year-old comedian has a massive TikTok following and is bringing his ProbleMATTic World Tour to Milwaukee (for two shows!) at the Riverside Theater . Tickets for those shows go on sale Friday, though the presale is already under way and causing fans all kinds of problems, similar to what Taylor Swift concertgoers experienced last year.

When I'm famous, I think I'm just going to ban presales for my tour.

Rife caught on after competing on NBC comedy show "Bring the Funny," and he's released two specials on YouTube.

A decade after the residency requirement went away, city employees are indeed leaving the city

A decade ago, there was a lot of concern that Milwaukee city employees would flee the city when the residency requirements were dropped. And it does appear that was a justified concern. The number of employees living inside the city borders has dropped 43% since 2013, translating to nearly 3,000 city workers.

Nearly 60% of those leaving are sworn members of the police and fire departments, according to a survey by the Fire and Police Commission. The survey mainly focused on workers who had been living in Milwaukee but left since the residency requirements went away.

Ald. Mark Borkowski, whose district has seen the largest exodus of city employees, called the numbers "embarrassing."

“Those are good quality residents that are leaving those neighborhoods where everyone else is staying,” he said.

The survey gathered reasons for leaving, too, with many citing safety, schools and cost of living. Elliot Hughes has much more on the report.

Democrats on a hot streak as they gather this weekend

The Wisconsin Democratic party has won 14 of the last 17 statewide elections, and they'll gather this weekend in Green Bay for the annual party convention knowing the political spotlight is still on the Dairy State.

Jessie Opoien provides a summary of what to watch from from the convention , including Tammy Baldwin's "kitchen table issues" to abortion to the overall political vibe in the state.

The Republicans will hold their convention in La Crosse next weekend.

The long-term effects of all that smoke

You've probably seen the dystopian pictures from the east coast caused by smoke from the Canadian wildfires, and if you're like me, you thought, "Oh sure, now they care, but not a word when Wisconsin was all hazy a couple weeks ago."

OK, it's worse there than it was here. We have had four air quality advisories issued, though, and we haven't had any like that issued during the spring since 2011.

Madeline Heim took a look at the long-term effects from all that smoke, and it's a pretty sobering sign of climate change.

Higher temperatures, periods of drought and more volatile winds are yielding wildfires that burn faster and stronger than before, said Erica Smithwick, director of the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute at Penn State.

Wildfire season is also getting longer, as rivers in the West dry out sooner and the East sees stronger storms mixed with drought. Some scientists question whether the whole idea of a wildfire season still applies.

"I've studied wildfires for decades, and I'm quite alarmed by the changes that we're seeing to the wildfire systems," Smithwick said.

The bottom line: a much greater risk for health problems, even for people like us living nowhere near the actual blaze.

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