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MKE Co. 'Safe Streets Roadshow' kicks off; hear opinions on reckless driving

By Rebecca Klopf,


Milwaukee County believes stopping reckless driving starts with finding out what the problems are in each community. That is why the county’s Department of Transportation kicked off what they are calling the 'Safe Streets Roadshow' to hear from all 19 municipalities in the county. It started this afternoon in Brown Deer.

The people who came out to the roadshow said they see it all the time, people driving dangerously.

“The issue for me is with the speeding,” said Edwina Matthews, a Brown Deer resident.

“Aggressive speeding, angry drivers who are passing on the right lane often, tailgating and driving way over the limit,” said Rob Guilbert on what he regularly deals with on Brown Deer roads.

“People on their phones, they get distracted,” said Frank Ladar, a Brown Deer resident. TMJ4
Frank Ladar (right) talks with a group of people in Brown Deer about reckless driving.

Milwaukee County’s DOT got more than a million dollars in state and federal grants to make changes to the roads. The county DOT hope to start doing that by 2025. But in order for that to happen, the county has to get the opinions of community members before they decide how they will improve the streets. Milwaukee County's DOT director Donna Brown Martin says this roadshow is a crucial step to hearing what each town's unique needs are. TMJ4
Donna Brown Martin, director of the Milwaukee County Department of Transportation

“We don’t want to come to the table saying we have all the answers. They have the information. They live in this neighborhood. We want to hear from them,” said Brown Martin.

The roadshow lets people give feedback in a few ways including small group discussions, surveys, designing their own safe street and even mapping out the specific problems.

“Since they closed the Walmart on Silver Spring people are coming through flying like crazy,” said Matthews. TMJ4
Edwina Matthews drives and lives in Brown Deer.

She says change has to start somewhere so she hopes her opinion helps change the reckless driving problems she sees.

“This is the way we make our community safer,” said Matthews.

The county’s roadshow will be going to all 19 municipalities. If you cannot attend but you drive on Milwaukee County roads you can fill out a survey here on how you are impacted by reckless driving and the changes you would like to see. Otherwise here is a list of all the upcoming stops for the roadshow:

Milwaukee Co. Safe Streets Roadshow

  • 6/08/23 - Brown Deer –2 p.m.- Lois & Tom Dolan Community Center, 4355 W. Bradley Rd.
  • 6/08/23 - Greenfield –6 p.m.-  Greenfield Public Library, 5310 W. Layton Ave.
  • 6/09/23 - Cudahy- 2 p.m.- Cudahy Family Library, 3500 Library Dr.
  • 6/14/23 - Greendale – 6 p.m. –  Greendale Safety Center, 5911 W. Grange Ave.
  • 6/15/23 - Shorewood – 6 p.m. –  Shorewood Village Center, 3920 N. Murray Ave.
  • 7/12/23 - Glendale – 6 p.m. – Glendale City Hall, 5909 N. Milwaukee River Pkwy.
  • 7/13/23 - Bayside – 2 p.m. –  Bayside Village Hall, 9075 N. Regent Rd.
  • 7/13/23 - Wauwatosa – 6 p.m. –  Wauwatosa City Hall, 7725 W. North Ave.
  • 7/19/23 - Hales Corners – 6 p.m. –  Open Flame Restaurant, 5081 S. 108th St.
  • 7/22/23 - West Allis – 10 a.m. –  West Allis Public Library, 7421 W. National Ave.
  • 8/03/23 - St. Francis – 2 p.m. –  St. Francis Civic Center, 3400 E. Howard Ave.
  • 08/03/23 South Milwaukee – 5 p.m. –  South Milwaukee Municipal Building, 2424 15th Ave.
  • 8/09/23- Oak Creek – 2 p.m. –  Oak Creek Public Library, 8040 S. 6th St.
  • 8/10/23 Whitefish Bay – 2 p.m. –  Whitefish Bay Public Library Meeting Room, 5420 N. Marlborough Dr.
  • Fox Point - TBD
  • Franklin – TBD
  • Milwaukee 1 – TBD
  • Milwaukee 2 – TBD (en español)
  • River Hills – TBD
  • West Milwaukee – TBD

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