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Cancer survivors meet, walk together every weekend while sharing their stories

By CBS Miami Team,


Cancer survivors meet, walk together every weekend while helping others 02:03

MIAMI -- Cancer survivors come together to walk and share their stories, aiming to connect with others and raise awareness for supporting those in need.

They're all cancer survivors. Nine years ago, Mimi Schnier was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and is currently in treatment for her fifth recurrence. She says walking helps in many ways.

"I'm out and I'm just being normal. I don't have to think about my disease. I don't have to think about my next treatment." Said Ovarian Cancer Survivor Mimi Schnier.

"And sometimes we do talk about the disease and that's okay too, because now we're sharing information." Schnier continued.

The walking group is just one of several programs offered by the nancy marx cancer wellness center.

"For cancer survivors, it's really important to walk every day." Said Cancer Wellness Social Worker Susan Stein.

"Research shows/the direct impact that physical exercise has on your mental and physical health, reducing anxiety and depression//reducing side effects from treatment."

The American Cancer Society recommends survivors avoid inactivity and return to normal activities as soon as possible after diagnosis and treatment, take part in regular physical activity, start slowly and build up over time.

"When you go through a diagnosis and a treatment and a lot of other things in your life, you don't always have control. So it's just something that we can do for ourselves." Said Breast Cancer Survivor Pamela Goldstein.

Pamela Goldstein was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer in 2017. she didn't exercise during her initial treatment but recommends it.

"Just one step at a time. It sounds so cliche, but it's the smallest thing. I mean, even to come here and walk for a half an hour, you know, you make a connection."

The American Cancer Society recommends survivors also include resistance training and stretching exercises at least two days a week.

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