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Full circle moment for retiring Miami doctor, first infant he ever delivered

By Chelsea Jones,


Full circle moment for retiring Miami doctor, first infant he ever delivered 02:46

MIAMI - A Miami doctor is ending his 35-year career delivering the child of the first infant he ever delivered.

Dr. Rolando DeLeon is heading out of the operating room and into the classroom.

Erica Ramirez was Dr. DeLeon's first delivery, and her son Julio Jose Ortega will be his last.

Erica and her wife Natalia Ortega enlisted the help of Dr. DeLeon after deciding they wanted to start a family.

"I was very blessed to be able to be the one to sit down and be able to catch Julio Jose and kind of like put a bow on a long OB career," he said.

Dr. DeLeon credits Erica's mom Myriam with the creation of his practice as an OB/GYN.

Now, as the chair of OB/GYN at Nova Southeastern, he is hopeful to teach and inspire the next generation.

"He's the last, but there are so many students that are going to bring so many more babies into the world which is pretty cool," said Ramirez.

DeLeon is a Cuban immigrant who didn't grow up much.

His calling to the medical field is one that one can say he manifested as a young boy from Virginia.

"I remember telling all my friends in junior high that I was going to deliver babies," he recollected.

With that, he was able to create magical moments like the birth of Julio Jose.

"Getting to meet him when he took his very first breath was just incredible," said Ortega.

Now, a new chapter begins, after many days and nights without his wife and three kids, Dr. DeLeon is going to make it home for dinner.

"I really need to bow down too. To say thank you for letting me ride the rollercoaster all these years because they never asked me to get off," he said.

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