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    The Largest Swordfish Ever Caught in Maryland

    By Patrick MacFarland,


    The world is full of records . There are always competitions all over to determine who or what is the best. When it comes to the world of fishing, there are competitions throughout the United States to see who can catch the biggest fish. I’m sure when you were a kid, you heard fishermen’s stories of their biggest catch. Now there are records determining those big prizes. When it comes to swordfish , the average one can grow up to 177 in Long, but some out there are bigger. Let’s take a look at the largest swordfish ever caught in Maryland.

    About Swordfish

    The adult swordfish doesn’t have scales or teeth.


    Swordfish are some of the most elegant and beautiful creatures in the ocean. They are mostly found in more temperate regions of several oceans including the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian. Swordfish also roam around tropical regions of these oceans, as well. Historically, swordfish have been an essential part of fishing for humans. The North Atlantic is the most popular place to fish swordfish, with the United States, Canada, Japan, Spain, and Portugal as some countries that have the most catches.

    Largest Swordfish Ever Caught

    Swordfish primarily eat smaller fish like mackerel, herring, and


    , but they’re also known to eat squid.

    ©MathKnight / CC BY-SA 4.0 – Original / License

    The story of how the largest swordfish in Maryland was caught is an exciting one. Jeff Jacobs, who was 38 at the time, was the lucky guy who was able to catch this swordfish. It all happened on September 23, 2022, when Jacobs was on the RoShamBo charter boat. Captain Willie Zimmerman was at the helm and as they were getting ready to go back to shore, the two-speed reel the boat had started tugging.

    It was an excitement that hovered around Jacobs, the captain, and the crew. All of a sudden, eight before their eyes, the swordfish jumped out of the water. Furthermore, Jacobs described it as looking “like a Volkswagen.” What resulted was a five-and-a-half-hour fight to catch this gigantic fish. It was a whopping 393 pounds!

    Where Was It Caught?

    Swordfish primarily eat smaller fish like mackerel, herring, and rockfish, but they’re also known to eat squid.

    © NOAA Deep Sea Coral Research & Technology Program-Pelagic Research Services / Public Domain – Original / License

    Jacobs caught the gigantic swordfish off the coast of Ocean City in Maryland. Jeff Jacobs had taken out a crew to do some fishing for eight hours. Ocean City is a popular resort town on the Atlantic Ocean near the state of Delaware.


    And there you have it, the largest swordfish ever caught in Maryland was a jaw-dropping 393 pounds. That’s plenty of fish to go around the dinner table a couple dozen times (or to feed an entire restaurant!). If you get a chance to visit Maryland, make sure you go out in the ocean to do some good ol’ fishing. You might end up getting lucky and catching a record-breaking fish.

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