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See the Snake a Texas Woman Discovered Curled Up in Their Bathroom Sink!

By Katie Melynn Wood,


The police are doing new and amazing things to help the public in need. A homeowner in Mansfield, Texas called emergency services when she had a snake curled up in her sink and didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, the police department had an expert who could handle the reptile while keeping the animal and the homeowner safe and happy.

Officer Lynch was able to trap the snake and remove it from the home. She followed this by releasing it back into the wild in a safe area. Before doing so, she posed for a quick photo, smiling as she held the snake in both hands. The police department did not identify the species in the post they shared on social media but it looks like it might be a non-venomous rat snake .

Commenters seeing the Mansfield Police Department’s social media post were quick to react.

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“I just need someone to tell me what I need to do to make sure that I NEVER need to make this call,” wrote one viewer.

“Yay thank you for not killing it, our police officers are the best!!!!” wrote another. Whether you like critters in your home or not, it’s nice to know that you can rely on the police department to take care of issues like these while keeping humans and animals safe.
Rat snakes eat small rodents, such as mice.


What Snakes Live in Texas?

There are a lot of snakes that live in Texas , almost 100 species! 14 of these are venomous. Fortunately, Officer Lynch was comfortable handling this call. “When the call was dispatched, all of the officers knew that Officer Lynch was the perfect person for the job!” wrote the Mansfield Police Department in their initial post.

The most common species in Texas include Texas garter snakes , Western hognose snakes, milk snakes , and bullsnakes. There are plenty of these reptiles in Texas and the majority of them are not venomous or dangerous. Some, such as the bullsnake, can get very large. Bullsnakes as long as 8 feet are seen in the state. We would definitely be calling someone to come remove one of those from our home!

Some of the common venomous species include rattlesnakes , copperheads , coral snakes, and cottonmouths . Some of the non-venomous species resemble the venomous snakes. If you are ever unsure about a snake that you encounter, the best thing to do is to leave it alone until an expert can come handle it. In this case, it was Officer Lynch. If you get bit by a snake, try to call for help right away and take a photo to help with identification.

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