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NBA Fans React To LeBron And Savannah James' Premiere Pictures: "The King And Queen"

By Divij Kulkarni,


The NBA season ended for LeBron James after his Los Angeles Lakers got swept in the Western Conference Finals by the Denver Nuggets.

There was some noise about a potential retirement after the series ended, but it seems that's not something fans have to worry about for now. James certainly isn't, he's busy enjoying life with his family. He was recently seen at the premiere of the movie, Shooting Stars with his wife Savannah, which is about a young James.

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Shooting Stars is the story of LeBron James' high school days and how, along with his teammates, he won multiple State championships. But the fans' focus was on how good he and his wife Savannah looked that the premiere.

Credit: gqsports/Instagram

LeBron James is performing at an elite level even though he is approaching 40 years of age. Many think his longevity has pushed him over the edge in the GOAT debate, so some of those reactions were also seen.

Credit: gqsports/Instagram

Savannah James at this point, might be just as popular as her husband is. She spoke about coming into the limelight after years of staying away from it , but now that she is here, she gets a lot of love. And some of the reactions didn't even need to say words to express their admiration for the couple.

Credit: gqsports/Instagram

Savannah James Has Opened Up Further On Her Relationship With LeBron James Recently

LeBron and Savannah have enjoyed what looks like the ideal love story from the outside since they were in high school. In a recent interview, Savannah spoke about when she fell in love with LeBron and how their relationship developed .

"Everything was definitely in the moment. We were two kids who started dating, as any two high-school kids would. Believe it or not, I didn’t know that he was going to be what he is today."

LeBron James is in an odd place in his NBA career at the moment. The Lakers are not guaranteed to be championship contenders again next season, and he doesn't have too many seasons left before he eventually has to call it a career. In any case, as long as he still has his family, it seems like James will continue to thrive.

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