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Red Cross sends supplies and volunteers to Guam in the wake of Super Typhoon Mawar


Super Typhoon Mawar tore through Guam with winds that reached 140 miles per hour. Back in Los Angeles, the American Red Cross is preparing to send several shipment containers full of critical relief supplies to support our fellow U.S. citizens in Guam.

"Those citizens deserve the same care that they would get as our communities on the mainland," said Gerald Thomas, the COO of American Red Cross Los Angeles region. "Here in Los Angeles we're able to have this warehouse to be able to continue to do our work here in the community, but also push forward those logistical supplies and people to support our neighbors in Guam."

No fatalities have been reported, but there have been some minor injuries. The main concern has been the wind damage. The tropical cyclone left many residents in Guam without power and utilities.

"Now, we're kind of looking for those areas that have been hit the hardest and where help is needed most," Thomas said. "So as we get out and look at the damage assessment and then we're able to identify how we can get to those communities."

Along with the tens of thousands of supplies, American Red Cross is also sending 200 trained volunteers to Guam to aid in disaster relief.

"Supplies are one thing, but it's the people that are making that connection," said Dave Wagner, a media volunteer for American Red Cross. "We have nurses that are going. We have public health professionals that are going out and helping people cope through these very difficult nights when they don't know if their home is still there."

Wagner said he won't be going to Guam, but has volunteered in several other disaster relief missions. He says it's the volunteers that make the difference. "It's the people helping people, it's the communities helping communities that's the really important part," Wagner said.

If you're looking for ways to help, you can volunteer or give a donation at on the American Red Cross website .

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