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Jenna Jameson Marries Girlfriend Jessi Lawless

By Anna Rumer,


Jenna Jameson is married to Jessi Lawless! The former adult film star, 49, tied the knot with the hairstylist and social media personality, 40, in an intimate Las Vegas wedding on May 23. The couple announced their good news through PEOPLE Thursday, revealing that after getting privately engaged in April, they didn't want to wait before saying "I do."

"I found the person that I truly should have always been with," Jameson told the outlet. The mother of three added, "I try to go over in my mind why I ever dated or married men, and it's selfish and bad to say, but I think my driving force were children. And now that I've really found myself, I'm just accepting of everything that I feel inside and don't shove everything down."

Jameson and Lawless wed at Little Church of the West in Nevada, which is the same place Jameson's parents tied the knot. The two plan on throwing a bigger wedding later, but decided to "run and gunned it" in a move they described as "very Las Vegas." Jameson, who plans on taking her wife's last name, sported a short white dress and pink platforms as she walked down the aisle to "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash, accompanied by Lawless' father. After being married by a Johnny Cash impersonator, the newlyweds celebrated with a tour through Vegas in a rented neon green Lamborghini.

Lawless and Jameson described themselves as "very different" but complementary. "I'm kind of balls to the wall and I ride the wave of my emotions," Jameson explained. "I just want what I want. And Jessi is very reserved and she thinks everything through, and so it's a good mesh for sure, because she grounds me and I set a fire under her ass."

The pair first met when Jameson began commenting on Lawless' popular TikTok account and began actually dating in January. Lawless described their meeting with glowing words, saying, "The very second that I was in her presence, there's something about this woman, there's no words to describe the energy that she has, but the very second that I was in her presence, I was like, 'Oh, f-. This woman was made for me.' Everything about her felt like home." Jameson added, "The future looks incredibly bright and I'm just so excited to be on this adventure with Jessi."

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