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‘This rhetoric is heartbreaking to see,’ Protestors rally at Las Vegas valley Target locations after nationwide backlash for Pride Month collection

By Madison Kimbro,


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Target is facing backlash nationwide for its Pride Month merchandise and displays. Saturday protesters rallied at different Las Vegas valley locations, protesting the collection, which they believe, is sending children the wrong message and “selling satanism and sexualizing grooming clothing and toys for children.”

“Gay pride is one thing, but when they are coming after our kids, we’re coming after you,” Kristen Schuler, one of the protestors, said. “Gay pride, Target always had that line, but when it comes to putting it in the kid’s section, that’s where we have a problem. My son came home and told me about it and showed me pictures with satanic clothing.”

The corporate company is facing backlash for its latest Pride collection featuring pride-themed clothing for youth.

Meanwhile, those part of the LGBTQ+ community also made their presence known during the protest. While they are thankful for the representation a big corporate company like Target is showcasing, they also feel as if the company is now back peddling because of all the drama.

“When the going gets rough, they are still going to be by our side and when they were threatened, they took a lot of their pride stuff down and some stores don’t sell any pride stuff anymore,” Sy Bernaber with Gender Justice Nevada said.

And while some protestors believe the existence of Pride Month is unnecessary, those part of the LGBTQ+ community want those who are still discovering themselves to know that they are not alone and that their existence does matter.

“You’re not a sinner, you’re not going to hell because you are gay or trans. We love you and we see you and this rhetoric is so heartbreaking to see,” Bernabei said.

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