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NFL reveals if Tom Brady can own and play for the Raiders

By Michael Gallagher,

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

While Tom Brady playing quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2023 — a team he has an ownership stake in — sounds a bit farfetched, the NFL says it’s definitely a possibility.

A league spokesperson confirmed to TMZ Sports on Wednesday that Brady could take snaps for the Raiders even as a part owner of the team if agreed to by a consensus of the other NFL owners.

“Two NFL-wide votes would need to happen in order for Brady to be a part of the Las Vegas ownership group and be under center at the same time,” TMZ Sports reported .

Brady would have to first receive approval from three-fourths of the league owners (24 of 32) to be finalized as a part-owner of the Raiders — a proposal that has been submitted to the NFL for review.

He would then need approval from three-fourths of the owners again to receive permission to play for the franchise while being a minority owner.

However, Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the owners may choose to only approve Brady’s ownership stake in the Raiders on the condition that he remains retired.

Though Brady has given no inclination that he wants to come out of retirement for the second time, the door appears to be open in Las Vegas after the reports the Raiders could void Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract if he fails a team physical before the season starts.

Former Dallas Cowboys QB-turned-NFL broadcaster Troy Aikman even floated the idea of Brady suiting up for the Raiders recently, citing his relationship with head coach Josh McDaniels and his familiarity with the team’s offense.

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