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New details revealed about officer-involved shooting near Strip hotel

By Rachel Zalucki,


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have identified the suspect, as well as officers, involved in last week's officer-involved shooting that occurred near the Strip.

According to preliminary reports, the shooting occurred after a robbery suspect fire several rounds at LVMPD detectives as they attempted to apprehend him on May 25, 2023, around 11 p.m.

This is the second officer-involved shooting in the LVMPD jurisdiction of 2023.

During a press conference, Assistant Sheriff Yasenia Yatomi identified the officers involved as Detective Christopher Gowens and Detective Joshua Leach. The suspect was also identified as Matthew Glunt, a 48-year-old white male adult.

Both officers were armed with 9mm handguns, according to Yatomi, and an investigation determined Det. Gowens fire 15 rounds during the incident, while Det. Leech fired 6. The investigation would also reveal that Glunt was armed with a 9mm, with which he fired 5 rounds.

Surveillance was being conducted on the day of the shooting in connection to a series of robberies that occurred between the LVMPD and North Las Vegas Police Department's jurisdictions since May 14, 2023. Preliminary details from the investigation into the robberies revealed that the suspect — who police would later identify as Glunt — would enter local businesses and demand money through the use of notes.

After detectives observed him walking through the top level of the parking garage for the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, both attempted to apprehend Glunt and issued verbal commands at him. Yatomi told reporters that Glunt ignored the commands, and highlighted body camera footage that showed Glunt flee the officers.

A taser was deployed once officers gave chase, which was later determined to be "ineffective," according to Yatomi

During the pursuit, body camera footage shows Glunt pointing a weapon at officers and firing multiple rounds, which prompted both officers to also open fire.

Glunt was struck, and according to an initial report, officers immediately rendered aid to him by applying a tourniquet until medical personnel arrived. Glunt was later transported to UMC Trauma, where he is currently in "stable condition."

Police also confirmed that no officers or citizens were injured in the shooting.

Yatomi says he was booked in absentia on multiple charges, including burglary, robbery, attempted murder of a police officer, resisting a police officer with a firearm, and being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm, among others.

Glunt also has several prior convictions, including an attempted robbery in 2016 and trafficking controlled substances in 2013.

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