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'I have nightmares': 1 October survivor says FBI docs will not heal pain

By Abel Garcia,


KTNV's Abel Garcia spoke to a 1 October survivor who says she will be forever impacted by the mass shooting.

Li'Shey Johnson says that the new information provided about the gunman in the FBI documents will not help heal what's already been destroyed.

"Your ankle was trampled," Garcia said to Johnson.

"Right," she said. "Crushed."

"Trampled by people who were leaving," Garcia replied.

"All my ligaments were torn," she answered.

DOCUMENTS: FBI witness speculated casino treatment angered 1 October shooter, interviews reveal

Johnson showed the injuries she suffers from daily. Her foot was stomped by many who were running for their lives at the Route 91 concert on October 2017.

As the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history approaches the 6-year mark, a report released by the FBI Thursday offers Johnson for the first time more key details about the man responsible for her constant pain and suffering.

"I still have the nightmares," she said. "I still struggle with walking and then when I think about what he did, it still makes me angry."

The newly released report provides more information about the Route 91 Harvest Festival gunman, Stephen Paddock's final days leading up to the mass shooting.

The report says a gambler told FBI investigators Paddock was very upset at the way casinos were treating him and other high rollers. The gambler also said the stress could have possibly been what caused Paddock to snap.

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However, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department downplayed the revelations, releasing a statement that says, in part, "speculating on a motive causes more harm to hundreds of people who were victims that night."

Johnson says whatever Paddock's motive might have been, it would be unacceptable to her.

"That was not enough," she said. "Enough reason for 58 people to have lost their lives. Over 400 of us injured."

Johnson says this information in the FBI report does not change anything for her.


"Some people are able to move on," she said. "But those that were affected are not able to move on."

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